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James McCartney - The Complete EP Collection
Published on 23/10/2011

Produced by David Kahne and Paul McCartney    

The CDs gather McCartney's two recent, critically acclaimed digital EPs "Available Light" and "Close at Hand", with five previously unreleased bonus tracks.  All told, the set features fourteen McCartney originals, plus a deeply felt cover of Neil Young's "Old Man," and a rousing version of Carl Perkins' "Your True Love." 

Special 2-Disc Set Releasing Worldwide Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Amazon Pre- Order Begins Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Exclusively on Engine Company Records

Track Listing:

01. Angel
02. Glisten
03. My Friend
04. Denial
05. Old Man
06. New York Times (Bonus Track)
07. I Love You Dad (Bonus Track)
08. Moonstar (Bonus Track)

01. I Only Want To Be Alone
02. Wings Of A Lightest Weight
03. The Sound Of My Voice
04. Else And Else But Dead
05. Jesus Be My Friend
06. Fallen Angel
07. Spirit Guides (Bonus Track)
08. Your True Love (Bonus Track)

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