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Neighbors call cops on McCartney wedding party

The loud music kept going into the wee hours of the morning.
Published: Oct. 10, 2011
Former Beatle Paul McCartney got in trouble with noise enforcement officers who visited his London home early Monday morning after neighbors complained about the loud music coming from his late-night wedding party.

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Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell lived it up loudly after their wedding. Photo by Danny Martindale/Getty Images.
Officials said McCartney agreed to turn down the music.
He does not face any legal problems because of the raucous party, which followed his Sunday afternoon wedding to Nancy Shevell, the dark-haired American heiress who became his third wife after four years of dating.
“Officers visited and the volume was reduced on request,” said Andrew Ralph, head of noise and licensing at Westminster City Council. “No further action is being taken,” though his neighbors are going to need naps.
McCartney's neighbors in the affluent St. John's Wood area, which also includes the Abbey Road studios where the Beatles recorded their classic albums, were complaining about recorded music, not McCartney's own performance, which included an emotional new ballad he wrote for his 51-year-old bride.

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