domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011
Beatles top chart for autographs
Published on Friday 14 October 2011 19:06
A SIGNED Beatles programme worth £6,000, signed drawings of the Rolling Stones, a waistcoat thrown from the stage by Prince and models of Lada Gaga and Rhianna made from champagne corks were among the star items at an “antiques rockshow” in Edinburgh.

Concert tickets, music sheets, signed photographs and album artwork were brought along to the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street for an expert from auction house Bonhams to examine.
Fans were allowed to bring three items of memorabilia to the event for a free evaluation.
Among those to flock to the restaurant, which is festooned with pop and rock memorabilia, were Douglas McShane, owner of Backbeat Records, in Edinburgh, and veteran pop pundit Billy Sloan.
The most lucrative item was brought along by a Beatles fan from Kirkcaldy who met the band at a concert in the town after winning a newspaper competition in 1963.
The fan, who asked not to be named, got all four Beatles to sign her concert programme backstage.
Mr McShane, who has ran his shop for 30 years, said: “I brought several signed drawings of three of the Rolling Stones, which one of their lighting engineers, who happened to live in Edinburgh, drew. The three of them are worth around £300 now.”
Pensioner Ian Archibald, brought along a photograph of Buddy Holly and The Crickets which he had signed after he met them backstage in Edinburgh when he was 17.

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