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Yoko Ono Tops The Dance Chart With Remixes Of 1981's Electro-Pop Hit, 'Walking On Thin Ice'
Yoko Ono Tops The Dance Chart With Remixes Of 1981's Electro-Pop Hit, 'Walking On Thin Ice'
by Lauren James
27 September 2013

John Lennon's former love sees the No.1 spot on the dance charts with a new release.

Yoko Ono's re-envisaged single album, 'Walking On Thin Ice 2013' has become the pop culture icon's 11th chart topper after it rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Dance Club Play chart to snatch victory from the likes of Avicii, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Daft Punk and Selena Gomez.

yoko ono
Yoko Ono's Not Letting The Dance World Forget Her.

"Walking On Thin Ice" was originally recorded during the 'Double Fantasy' sessions with John Lennon and would be the last recording by John and Yoko - recorded on that fateful night of December 8, 1980. Upon its release in January 1981, the single drew attention from tastemakers and DJs for its pioneering electronic dance / post-disco / nu-wave hybrid sound.
The track is evocative of the icy cool New York dance club culture of the 1980s and managed to perfectly capture that often evasive pulse of the city that never sleeps. Birthed into a 21st century climate, 'Walking On Thin Ice 2013' has managed to catch out attention once again thanks to an international cast of dance music innovators who have remoulded the track for a more contemporary feel, yet not forgetting that all-important dancefloor draw.
The new release is issued as an extensive, four-part digital output and invites reworkings from the Grammy-nomintated house music pioneer, Danny Tenaglia, as well as Madonna collaborator Dave Audé, Deathfix's Rich Morel, Emjae and Tedd Patterson.
Listening to the original track in 2013, it's evident how pioneering in her sound Yoko truly was. The new remixes expand upon that forward-thinking creativity and deliver a fresh new take on a classic club track that will bring Ono's masterful music back to the forefront of club music. Walking On Thin Ice 2013 is available as digital green released (that use no materials) or via iTunes, Beatport or all other digital retailers.


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Paul McCartney Live Stream 09-24-2013

Publicado el 24/09/2013
By eastwing97

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Paul McCartney Live Stream from Hollywood Blvd Sept 24, 2013 
The 15 song set list:
Magical Mystery Tour / Save Us (NEW song) / Junior's Farm / Jet / New (NEW song) / Lady Madonna / Birthday / Another Day / Everybody Out There (NEW song) / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da / Band On The Run / Back In The USSR / Day Tripper / Let it Be / Hey Jude

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Design Paul's Facebook Cover Photo! is offering you the chance to show us your design skills by giving fans the opportunity to create Paul's Facebook cover photo. Paul's page is seen by millions of Facebook users each week so the winners will also get to show their work off to the world!

Here are the details:

Click the link below to download a folder containing photos and the 'NEW' album cover. Feel free to use any / all of these images, but remember to include the album cover! We'd also like you to include the following text using the typeface that best fits your design:

Paul McCartney
Album released:
14th October 2013
(USA: 15th October 2013)
Pre-order now from Amazon and iTunes

The banner needs to be 851 x 315 in size and remember to leave a space in the bottom left hand corner for Paul's profile photo.

Once you have your design ready post it to your Facebook wall tagging @PaulMcCartney with the hashtag #whatsnewFacebook to make sure we can find it. You can enter as many times and with as many designs as you want. We will pick our favourites and use them on Paul's Facebook page along with your name.

To download the folder of images click HERE!

For a few technical tips from the experts click HERE!

Paul to join Lauren Laverne for 6 Music Live at Maida Vale this Autumn!

Lauren Laverne presents 6 Music Live at Maida Vale this October. From Monday 14th to Friday 18th, 10am-1pm, Lauren’s show will feature live performances from a stellar line-up of bands.

Paul will join Polica, Goldfrapp, Manic Street Preachers and Sigur Rós. Lauren Laverne said: “The 6 Music Live at Maida Vale sessions are always a highlight for me. A line-up of this calibre and range is one you’ll only find on 6 Music. Roll on October!”

Listeners can also watch Lauren’s show featuring these sessions at from 10am-1pm each day and highlights of the performances will be available every evening on the BBC Red Button.

Tickets for all the performances are available from the 6 Music website.

Registration will be open until 7pm on Friday 27 September. Tickets are free and will be allocated at random. Listeners can apply for a maximum of one pair of tickets per household. Full terms and conditions can be found on the 6 Music website.

New - Album Artwork Revealed And Deluxe Tracklisting

Paul McCartney reveals NEW album artwork and deluxe tracklisting

October 14th (15th in the US) will see the release of Paul’s first album of brand NEW solo material in six years.

Today, Monday 23rd September, Paul reveals NEW artwork as well as tracklisting for the deluxe version.

(Click for larger image)

The deluxe package will include two additional brand new studio recordings.

Standard and deluxe both include:

1. Save Us (produced by Paul Epworth)
2. Alligator (produced by Mark Ronson)
3. On My Way To Work (produced by Giles Martin)
4. Queenie Eye (produced by Paul Epworth)
5. Early Days (produced by Ethan Johns with additional production by Giles Martin)
6. New (produced by Mark Ronson with additional production by Giles Martin)
7. Appreciate (produced by Giles Martin)
8. Everybody Out There (produced by Giles Martin)
9. Hosanna (produced by Ethan Johns)
10. I Can Bet (produced by Giles Martin)
11. Looking At Her (produced by Giles Martin)
12. Road (produced by Paul Epworth)

Deluxe includes bonus tracks:

13. Turned Out (produced by Ethan Johns with additional production by Giles Martin)
14. Get Me Out Of Here (produced by Giles Martin)

Executive Producers: Paul McCartney and Giles Martin
Mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent
Deluxe edition total Running Time: 52:15

This weekend saw Paul perform NEW material live for the first time in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. In an eight song set Paul premiered ‘Save Us’, New’ and ‘Everybody Out There’.

Talking about the album, Paul said: “It's funny, when I play people the album they’re surprised it’s me. A lot of the tracks are quite varied and not necessarily in a style you'd recognise as mine. I didn't want it to all sound the same. I really enjoyed making this album. It's always great to get a chance to get into the studio with a bunch of new songs and I was lucky to work with some very cool producers. We had a lot of fun.”

Paul worked on the album with producers Paul Epworth, Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns and Giles Martin.

The album was recorded at Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles; Avatar Studios, New York; Abbey Road Studios, London; Air Studios, London; Wolf Tone Studios, London and Hog Hill Mill, East Sussex.

Artwork information:
NEW album cover inspired by Dan Flavin with special thanks to Stephen Flavin
Logo and cover concept: Rebecca and Mike
Consultancy and design: YES
Cover Image: Ben Ib

NEW is available to pre-order now from:

Amazon - Click HERE!
iTunes - Click HERE!

At John Lennon’s House – New e-Book Translation
At John Lennon’s House – New e-Book Translation
by beatlesblogger
September 16, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a Spanish publishing company called Hércules Ediciones. They've just released an e-Book called At John Lennon's House, by a woman named Rosaura López Lorenzo.

Rosaura was born in Spain but became the Lennon's housekeeper at the Dakota Building in New York - a job she did for just on four years.

It should be said up-front that in writing this book financial profit was the last thing on Rosaura’s mind. She says on more than one occasion that she's not doing it for any ulterior motives. After all, Rosaura kept her unique story quiet for nearly 25 years. It was only following a chance meeting with the journalist who helped her write down her story that she finally agreed to share her experiences with the rest of the world.

John Lennon's House-tiff

John and Julian-tiff

When Rosaura first began work in Apartment 72 in the Dakota building she was completely unaware of the real significance and impact of Beatlemania. As a result she writes in a totally unaffected manner, and genuinely from the heart. She also says that she had Yoko Ono's blessing to tell her story, and you have to believe her - such is her honesty in recounting what she experienced working in the Lennon's Dakota apartments. Yes, that's plural. One of the things we learn is that they owned and occupied at least four separate dwellings in the building. Here's a photograph of Rosaura standing outside the Dakota:


Many people would know about John's time in the US in the late 70s. He'd retreated from public life. He'd all but retired from the music business. He was living happily and quietly in New York, bringing up his new baby son Sean, baking bread, and living the simple life. And we learn that it was Rosaura who taught him how to bake. Born and raised in the Spanish town of Pontevedra in Galicia, she grew up in a  bakery and really knew what she was doing. She recalls John saying that making bread to the ancient European tradition made him feel calm and peaceful. It's simple observations like these which make this book so intriguing and endearing.

At the back of the book are many pages filled with photographs of Rosaura Lopez and her family. There are postcards and Christmas cards sent to her over the years by the Lennon's.  And there are many photographs of her interacting with John, Yoko, Sean, and Julian Lennon, too. 


Rosaura left the employ of John and Yoko abruptly, shortly before John's murder in 1980. She says she was sacked by Yoko after a vicious spate of rumours spread about her by another nanny keen to get her own relatives employed in the house. Rosaura didn't get the chance to explain or defend herself for eight years. It was a chance meeting on the streets of New York which brought her face-to-face once again with Yoko. That meeting opened the opportunity for a rapprochement. Later that day the two got to talk for hours and to finally make good a wrongful dismissal. This part of the story is told in full in the book.

Rosaura's memoir has been available since 2005, but only in Spanish (as En Casa de John Lennon):

En Casa de John Lennon

This new English e-Book translation will bring her story to many new readers. In the hundreds of thousands of words written about John Lennon here is a genuinely new and different examination from someone on the very inside of the Lennon household.

I have been browsing through the book and enjoying it a lot. It's a very interesting and sweet little book and not at all voyeuristic. Rosaura has achieved an honest and open account of a unique period in her life - working for one of the most famous families in the world. She does it with integrity. It is well worth a read.

You can download At the House of John Lennon in English at iTunes here.


At John Lennon's House

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Movie Review: Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
By Fionnuala Halligan
25 September, 2013

Dir/scr: David Trueba. Spain. 2013. 108mins

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed (Vivir es fácil con ojos cerrados) isn’t the catchiest title, but it comes from John Lennon`s enigmatic Strawberry Fields which, like the film, once played is not easily forgotten. David Trueba`s film uses the singer-songwriter’s 1966 visit to Spain, when he shot a film in Almeria, considered leaving The Beatles, and started composing the song, as a backdrop to a tender, comedic, coming-of-age story which bristles with poignant references to the lingering effects of Spain’s dictatorship.

David Trueba, younger brother of Oscar-winner and musical producer Fernando, continues to examine Spain’s sensitive past after the Goya-winning  Soldiers of Salamina, set during the Civil War. Thirty years have passed, and Spaniards are living uneasily under Franco’s rule: Living Is Easy’s attractive, pastel period settings and accomplished comedic notes dress a bittersweet sadness which may well see the film into the international art house arena.

At home, success seems assured and leading the charge is Javier Camara, in a role which may finally lead Spain`s national treasure into wider recognition overseas. He`s always been a spirited, magnetic presence and a huge draw in Spain with repeat appearances in Almodovar films and the domestic smash Torremolinos 73. Here, as a primary school teacher who is obsessed with John Lennon, his charisma is evident but also restrained.

Antonio (Camara) teaches his students English through the lyrics of the Beatles smash Help!, and this cry for assistance resonates throughout Living Is Easy – for its characters and the country itself. Portly, bespectacled Antonio simply wants to meet Lennon on the set of How I Won The War in Almeria, the poor Southern province which became home to both Spaghetti Westerns and art films such as Dr Zhivago. Taking to the road, he picks up the pregnant Belen (de Molina) and runaway Juanjo (Colomer), who end up joining him on his pilgrimage to Cabo de Gato.

Brightly shot – perhaps too warmly for some of its darker themes – with a fondness for period kitsch,  Tueba`s film seems superficially like many other cinematic road trips, with its ragtag outcasts and their disparate issues. But this is Franco’s Spain, where the radio plays non-stop religious convocations, there is widespread poverty, no hope of a sexual revolution, and a future which isn’t overly bright for any its protagonists no matter what kinks they iron out onscreen. This sadness permeates Living’s warm and assured breeziness, marking it out.

Trueba’s last film, Madrid 1987, was a two-hander with another Spanish icon, Jose Sacristan, and, although less successfully-excuted, reinforces that he has become an actor`s director of note. His films are gaining in depth, and his examination of Spain’s recent past is becoming more nuanced and compelling.

Technical credits are good here, most notably with costumes from Lala Huete, Spain’s foremost film designer, although camerawork is perhaps too comfortable. A guitar soundrack composed by Pat Metheny with Charlie Haden is omnipresent throughout and again, lacks a dynamic edge although the film moves comfortably along through a well-judged 108 mins.

Production company/International sales: Fernando Trueba LC,

Producer: Fernando Trueba

Executive producer: Cristina Huete

Cinematography: Daniel Vilar

Editor: Marta Velasco

Main  cast: Javier Camara, Natalia de Molina, Francesc Colomer, Ramon Fontsere, Jorge Sanz, Ariadna Gil

Paul McCartney takes to the stage for Shakespeare with Tom Hanks
Paul McCartney swaps singing for acting as he takes to the stage with Tom Hanks at star-studded Shakespeare charity reading
PUBLISHED: 26 September 2013

He is famous for his singing and song-writing skills.
But Sir Paul McCartney appears to have caught the acting bug. 
The 71-year-old took part in the Simply Shakespeare event in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and William Shatner.

Multi-talented: Paul McCartney took part in the Simply Shakespeare event in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
Multi-talented: Paul McCartney took part in the Simply Shakespeare event in Los Angeles on Wednesday alongside Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

The former Beatle voiced the play The Two Gentlemen Of Verona during the event, which was held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. 
Paul looked in fine form, showing off his trim body in a fitted black suit paired with dark boots as he took to the stage. 
The legendary artist posed for a picture with Tom and Rita, who opted for a more dressed-down look for the occasion.

Dapper: Paul looked in fine form, showing off his trim body in a fitted black suit paired with dark boots as he took to the stage Dapper: Paul looked in fine form, showing off his trim body in a fitted black suit paired with dark boots as he took to the stage

Dapper: Paul looked in fine form, showing off his trim body in a fitted black suit paired with dark boots as he took to the stage

Thespian: The former Beatle voiced the play The Two Gentlemen Of Verona during the event, which was held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica
Thespian: The former Beatle voiced the play The Two Gentlemen Of Verona during the event, which was held at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica

Ticket prices to the event cost $1,500, with proceeds benefiting the center's veteran and inner-city youth employment programs. 
Paul made headlines on Monday when he brought thousands of fans to Hollywood Boulevard where he serenaded them with a free concert as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.
Describing it as a 'balmy' evening, Sir Paul was on fine form as played hits including Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be and Hey Jude.

Dressed down: Rita kept it casual in jeans while Tom wore a simple grey shirt
Dressed down: Rita kept it casual in jeans while Tom wore a simple grey shirt 

Looking good: The 56-year-old showed off her slender figure in the fitted jeans, which she paired with a black printed T-shirt and blazer
Looking good: The 56-year-old showed off her slender figure in the fitted jeans, which she paired with a black printed T-shirt and blazer 

The English musician was on the show to promote his upcoming album New that will be released on October 14 in the UK.
It is Sir Paul's sixteenth studio album and his first since his 2007 recording Memory Almost Full.
The left-handed bass player sat down with Jimmy and shared that he still has anxiety-related dreams about performing with the Beatles and his post-Fab Four band the Wings.
'I'm there let's say with the Beatles and we're playing and the audience starts to leave,' Paul said of his recurring dream, adding that he wakes in a cold sweat.
The dreams are pure matters of the mind, as Paul told Jimmy that it never happened in real life.

Funnymen: Jason Alexander and Martin Short were also at the charity event
Funnymen: Jason Alexander and Martin Short were also at the charity event 

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Ringo Starr receives French Medal of Honor
France honours Beatles drummer Ringo
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has joined one of the art world's most exclusive clubs after being appointed a Commander of France's Order of Arts and Letters.

In Monaco where an exhibition featuring two of his paintings is taking place, the man who is considered one of the world's best drummers was handed the award Tuesday by France's ambassador Hugues Moret.

He joins a club that already features Chinese film director Wong Kar Wai, Scottish actor Sean Connery, singer David Bowie and the late Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

The award ceremony took place in front of the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, which is holding an exhibition that showcases the hidden passion for art of various famous people including Starr, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.

'I'm a drummer, but I can do other things. Like painting, living, breathing,' the 73-year-old quipped while posing for photos in front of the museum, which coincidentally has on display an old, bright yellow submarine.

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has been appointed a Commander of France's Order of Arts and Letters.
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has been appointed a Commander of France's Order of Arts and Letters.
Ringo Starr honrado en Francia
Danhi Romero
septiembre 25, 2013

Ringo Starr honrado en Francia

El día de ayer el ex baterista de The Beatles, Ringo Starr, se ha unido a uno de los clubes más exclusivos del mundo del arte, después de haber sido nombrado como “Comandante de la Orden de las Artes y las Letras de Francia”, en la Ciudad de Mónaco.
Este martes 24 de septiembre, en la Ciudad de Mónaco,  por manos del Embajador de Francia, Hugues Moret, en una exposición en donde dos de sus obras son mostradas, se le entregó su reconocimiento. Este mismo reconocimiento también se lo han otorgado al director de cine chino Wong Kar Wai, el actor escocés Sean Connery, el cantante David Bowie y el fallecido poeta irlandés Seamus Heaney.
La ceremonia de entrega tuvo lugar en frente del Museo Oceanográfico de Mónaco, en donde actualmente se encuentra una exposición que muestra la pasión oculta por el arte de varios personajes famosos incluyendoPaul McCartney, Bob Dylan y el mismo Ringo Starr entre otros.
Ringo Starr comentó:
“Soy un baterista, pero puedo hacer otras cosas como pintar, vivir y respirar”


Así mismo, te recordamos que Ringo Starr and His All Star Band se estará presentando en la Ciudad de México, Guadalajara y Monterrey; los boletos se encuentran a la venta en el Sistema Ticketmaster y taquillas del inmueble.
13 de noviembre  Auditorio Nacional – Ciudad De México
14 de noviembre  Auditorio Nacional – Ciudad De México
16 de noviembre  Auditorio Telmex – Guadalajara
18 de noviembre  Auditorio Banamex – Monterrey
19 de noviembre  Auditorio Nacional – Ciudad De México

ringo starr flyer

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Book reveals unseen Lennon and McCartney picture before they were famous
New Lennon and McCartney picture reveals Beatles legends a year before hitting the big time
Previously unpublished photograph shows John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the streets of Liverpool a year before stardom
By Steve Doohan
24 Sep 2013

Geek chic: John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Liverpool before Beatlemania
Geek chic: John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Liverpool before Beatlemania

Friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney pose on the streets of Liverpool before fame and moptop hairstyles take hold, in a previously unpublished photograph.

The songwriting duo are seen in the summer of 1961, the year before they landed their record deal and scored their first chart hit with Love Me Do.

Author and Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn is to publish the shot in a special edition of his new book The Beatles - All These Years: Volume One: Tune In later this year.

Lewisohn, who has written six previous books about the Fab Four, bought the picture from a fan in the band's home city of Liverpool two decades ago, but it has not previously been in print.

The Beatles prepare for a New York press conference during the tour of the USA, February 1964. Left to right: Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
More familiar: Lennon, and McCartney with bandmates Ringo Starr and George Harrison in 1964

Lennon and McCartney had been friends for around four years by the time the image was taken and had become closer after Stuart Sutcliffe had left the line-up in December 1960, opting to stay on in Hamburg with girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr while the rest of the band returned to Merseyside.

A little over two years later the group had topped the charts and were barely able to head out on the streets without being mobbed.

Lewisohn's book is being published by Little, Brown on October 10, with the special edition coming out on November 14.

Unseen Beatles Footage

Paul McCartney enjoys a drink in the chippy

Ringo Starr tucks into his fish supper

John Lennon waits patiently for his food

Fish supper: John Lennon waits at the counter for his food

George Harrison plays around with his reflection in the counter

The Beatles join the fish shop queue

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Paul McCartney at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
On the Scene at Paul McCartney's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' concert: Something old, something 'New'
By Katie Atkinson
Sep 24, 2013

When Paul McCartney and his Beatles bandmates performed an unannounced concert on a London rooftop in 1969 for their Let It Be film, the police eventually came in and shut it down. But McCartney and Jimmy Kimmel had the cops’ blessing Monday night in Los Angeles, as they took to the roof of the El Capitan Theatre, promising a free show from the one-and-only Sir Paul for the gathered masses.
Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV audience only caught two of those songs. After that, as McCartney told us when he hit the stage, “The rest is just for you.” Here’s what you missed if you weren’t one of the 10,000 people lining Hollywood Boulevard:
Even though McCartney has a new album to promote — aptly titled New — he played only three songs from his latest during the Jimmy Kimmel Live! concert, favoring Beatles and Wings hits instead for the dedicated crowd (some fans waited more than 10 hours to be in the front row). “You all right back there … in Santa Monica?” he cracked to the fans who appeared to be cities away.

Among those Beatles favorites was “Birthday” (the couple next to me freaked out because it was the husband’s actual birthday; not a bad gift), and McCartney kicked the night off with “Magical Mystery Tour,” which matched the psychedelic upright piano he played throughout the set. “Lady Madonna,” “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” and “Day Tripper” were also on the list, along with the tailor-made sing-along “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (we swear we spotted Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie, a.k.a. Ygritte, shooting a cell phone video during this one).
Speaking of sing-alongs, McCartney was able to turn even a brand-new song into a communal experience, telling the crowd before performing “Everybody Out There,” “There’s a little bit that goes ‘whoa-oh-oh-oh.’ You might pick it up, you might not. If you do, good on you.” He was pretty impressed with our performance, but he gave us a refresher afterward, just in case the New track becomes a Beatles-level hit: “That’s your bit, for future reference.”
The music icon ended in, well, iconic fashion, bringing out the massive one-two punch of “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude.” And let us say: Nothing unites a crowd of 10,000 quicker than singing the na-na-na’s of “Jude” on a warm L.A. night.
“See you next time,” McCartney said after the hour-long set, blowing kisses to the crowd. We hope it won’t be another 40-plus years until he hits his next rooftop.

The complete set list from McCartney’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! set:
“Magical Mystery Tour” (Beatles)
“Save Us” (McCartney)
“Junior’s Farm” (Wings)
“Jet” (Wings)
“New” (McCartney)
“Lady Madonna” (Beatles)
“Birthday” (Beatles)
“Another Day” (McCartney)
“Everybody Out There” (McCartney)
“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (Beatles)
“Band on the Run” (Wings)
“Back in the U.S.S.R.” (Beatles)
“Day Tripper” (Beatles)
“Let It Be” (Beatles)
“Hey Jude” (Beatles)
‘Jimmy Kimmel’ presents Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney on Hollywood Bouelvard
By Brenda Gazzar, Los Angeles Daily News
POSTED: 09/24/13

Singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake will be performing on Hollywood Boulevard today, the second consecutive night of free performances presented by ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that have shut down a portion of Hollywood Boulevard until Wednesday morning.

Beatles legend Paul McCartney, whose album “New” is due to be released in October, kicked off the season Monday night by making his first appearance on the late-night talk show and then performing some of his greatest hits on the boulevard afterward.

Tuesday’s taping begins at 5:30 p.m., with Timberlake’s concert starting at about 6:30, according to a representative of the show who asked that her name not be used. Timberlake released his third studio album, “The 20/20 Experience,” in March.

All lanes of Hollywood Boulevard between Orange Drive and Highland Avenue have been closed since 8 p.m. Sunday night and will remain shut until 6 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

“These types of events are not unusual — just plan ahead, give yourself more time,” said Jonathan Hui, a DOT spokesman, of the closure.

McCartney and Timberlake fans are jazzed about the open-to-the-public concerts, with some taking to Twitter to express their appreciation.

“Traffic nightmare in #Hollywood 9/23, 24 but can’t think of better reason than free concerts w @Paul McCartney & @jtimberlake!” tweeted Rita Tateel, president of the Celebrity Source.

“This is another example of why I wish I lived in Hollywood & not Phoenix,” wrote comedian Mike Simpson in another tweet.

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Kimmel are seen on a rooftop prior to McCartney's performance on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA Monday, September 23, 2013. A portion of Hollywood Boulevard will be closed from Highland to Orange through Wednesday morning to make way for two concerts planned for "Jimmy Kimmel Live." (Andy Holzman/Los Angeles Daily News) 

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The Rutles get pre-fab digital makeover

Fans of The Rutles can rejoice now that SonicPool Post Production has completed audio and video restoration on the legendary Beatles parody, The Rutles: All You Need is Cash.

The Rutles, led by Monty Python’s Eric Idle and Neil Innes, debuted on Idle’s 1975 BBC sketch comedy series Rutland Weekend Television. After an excerpt from the show was aired during an Idle-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, SNL creator Lorne Michaels suggested that Idle produce a full-length history of the prefab four in the form of a mockumentary, one of the first of its kind. Produced by Michaels’ then fledgling Broadway Video studio, All You Need Is Cash premiered on NBC in 1978.

Jonathan Gross, President of North American distributor Video Services Corp., says he’s looking forward to the new release. “We’ve taken it to SonicPool to make it look better, sound better, and it’s a great piece for the catalogue.” SonicPool Post Production provided film cleaning, HD formatting and picture restoration for the project, which used original film stock as source material. The new 5.1 mix was created by Connor Gross.

The forthcoming DVD/Blu-ray combo pack being released by VSC also comes with the original version of the 2004 follow-up The Rutles 2: Can’t Buy Me Lunch along with the original SNL Rutles sketch, a new commentary/interview with Idle and more. It is set for release in November with iTunes. Sonic Pool also provided authoring services. Gross says, “It’s a big package. People love HD and I’m a big Rutles fan, so we’re doing it!”

For a sample clip of the newly restored, The Rutles: All You Need is Cash, visit

SonicPool Post Production is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA, 90038. For more information about SonicPool Post Production, call 323-460-4649 (4MIX), or check out the website at

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Paul McCartney Live iHeart Radio Music Festival 21.09.2013
iHeartRadio - Las Vegas
September 21, 2013

Setlist: iHeartRadio
Las Vegas
Thanks Jay D !!
Great setlist and selection.

Magical Mystery Tour
Save Us (premiere)
Let Me Roll It + Foxy Lady
Everybody Out There (premiere)(and awesome)
Another Day
Lady Madonna
Live and Let Die

Sent in by Jay Dillon

By i heart radio
Paul McCartney Live  iHeart Radio Music Festival 21.09.2013

Magical Mystery Tour / Save Us

Let Me Roll It

Everybody Out There

Another Day


Lady Madonna

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Death of John Lennon's mother at hands of policeman hardened his anti-establishment views, new book claims
Death of John Lennon's mother at hands of policeman hardened his anti-establishment views, new book claims
The death of John Lennon’s mother at the hands of an off-duty policeman “irrevocably hardened” his anti-establishment views, a new book claims.
By Claire Duffin
20 Sep 2013

Julia Lennon was killed when she was knocked over by a car as she crossed the road in 1958.
Although she had given Lennon up age five, at the time of her death the pair had reconciled, leading Lennon to later tell how he felt he had lost her twice.
In his new book Tune In the first of a three-part biography of the group, author and Beatles' historian Mark Lewisohn said the incident caused the “most tremendous heartbreak” for Lennon.
“For John, who’d grown up without Julia from the age of five, losing her again at 17, with such appalling finality, was the most tremendous and irreconcilable heartbreak,” he writes.

John Lennon and Julia Lennon
A young John Lennon with his mother, Julia Photo: REX FEATURES

“He became more embittered, more cynical, more harsh, more uncompromising, more edgy, more volatile than ever.”
Lewisohn has taken a decade to research and write the 1,000-page book, which follows the group through childhood to 1962.
Lennon had an unorthodox and sometimes controversial relationship with his mother, who taught him to play banjo and bought him his first guitar.
She had given him to her sister, Mimi, to raise but from about the age of 14, Lennon started to spend more time with his mother, eventually moving into the home she shared with her new partner, John ‘Bobby’ Dykins, and their two young daughters.
However in 1958, Dykins was charged with drink driving. He was banned from driving and lost his job. It was this incident, writes Lewisohn, that led Julia to travel to her sister’s on the day of her death and ask her if Lennon could move back in as they were struggling financially. As she walked home she was hit by the car and died instantly aged 44.
The driver – Eric Clague – was a learner who should not have been on the road unaccompanied. Lennon believed he was drunk but there was no mention of alcohol at the inquest, and he was never charged.
“The fatal accident hardened, irrevocably, Lennon’s view of the Establishment, and especially the police,” Lewisohn writes.
“Coming to believe the driver who killed his mother was a ‘drunk off-duty cop’, his respect for authority, and especially the law, crumbled and would only ever worsen.
“Where most people saw law and order, John would only see rank hypocrisy”.
Julia Stanley Lennon

Stone placed in 2010, a full 52 years after her death.

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