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Book reveals unseen Lennon and McCartney picture before they were famous

New Lennon and McCartney picture reveals Beatles legends a year before hitting the big time
Previously unpublished photograph shows John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the streets of Liverpool a year before stardom
By Steve Doohan
24 Sep 2013

Geek chic: John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Liverpool before Beatlemania
Geek chic: John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Liverpool before Beatlemania

Friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney pose on the streets of Liverpool before fame and moptop hairstyles take hold, in a previously unpublished photograph.

The songwriting duo are seen in the summer of 1961, the year before they landed their record deal and scored their first chart hit with Love Me Do.

Author and Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn is to publish the shot in a special edition of his new book The Beatles - All These Years: Volume One: Tune In later this year.

Lewisohn, who has written six previous books about the Fab Four, bought the picture from a fan in the band's home city of Liverpool two decades ago, but it has not previously been in print.

The Beatles prepare for a New York press conference during the tour of the USA, February 1964. Left to right: Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
More familiar: Lennon, and McCartney with bandmates Ringo Starr and George Harrison in 1964

Lennon and McCartney had been friends for around four years by the time the image was taken and had become closer after Stuart Sutcliffe had left the line-up in December 1960, opting to stay on in Hamburg with girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr while the rest of the band returned to Merseyside.

A little over two years later the group had topped the charts and were barely able to head out on the streets without being mobbed.

Lewisohn's book is being published by Little, Brown on October 10, with the special edition coming out on November 14.

Unseen Beatles Footage

Paul McCartney enjoys a drink in the chippy

Ringo Starr tucks into his fish supper

John Lennon waits patiently for his food

Fish supper: John Lennon waits at the counter for his food

George Harrison plays around with his reflection in the counter

The Beatles join the fish shop queue

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