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Paul McCartney at the Des Moines and the CenturyLink?
Is Paul McCartney getting back to Des Moines? It's looking good.
Matthew Leimkuehler , Des Moines Register
Published  April 24, 2017

Paul McCartney kicks off his first song at Dover's Firefly Music Festival in 2015.

Sir Paul McCartney, it’s been too long.

Twelve years, to be sort-of exact, since you last brought your collection of world-changing songs to Des Moines. Could you be getting back to Iowa’s capital city this summer? All signs point to Iowans letting him in.

Posted around 8 a.m. Monday morning, the Iowa Events Center launched, teasing a “special announcement for an upcoming concert this summer” Tuesday morning via a press conference at Cowles Commons. Running along the top of the website are banners that boast popular McCartney numbers like “Let It Be” and “Live And Let Die.”

“Join us, and maybe you'll be amazed ...,” the post reads.

A screenshot from, a website teasing

A screenshot from, a website teasing a "special" concert announcement from Wells Fargo Arena. (Photo: to the Register)

While this teaser site wants to hold our hand, the Iowa Events Center couldn’t confirm McCartney’s return Monday and encouraged all interested to work it out in your schedule and jet down to Cowles Commons for the Tuesday event.

Paul McCartney last performed in Des Moines on Oct. 27, 2005. It was the first announced show in Wells Fargo Arena history. McCartney’s previous Iowa shows also include a capacity performance at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames. If confirmed, it would be the second act planning to return this summer after playing the arena’s opening year; Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, the Iowa Events Center’s first concert, returns to the arena stage June 5.

Known (obviously) as a co-founder and songwriter in cultural phenomenon The Beatles and frontman of 1970s outfit Wings, McCartney last released a studio record, the memorable “New,” in 2013. In recent years McCartney’s collaborated with the likes of Dave Grohl and Kanye West, and he brought home one of music’s biggest awards, a Kennedy Center Honor.
Paul McCartney at the CenturyLink?
Staff report
Published  April 24, 2017

Desert Trip - Weekend 2 - Day 2
INDIO, CA - OCTOBER 15: Musician Paul McCartney performs during Desert Trip at the Empire Polo Field on October 15, 2016 in Indio, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)  Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Could it be so? Could the "once-in-a-lifetime event" that the CenturyLink Center is touting while playing coy be megastar Paul McCartney?

The CenturyLink on Friday announced a press conference for Tuesday morning to announce the big coming event. The invitation's background featured a Union Jack, the British flag, which prompted much speculation. McCartney, the former Beatles and Wings star, was among the artists mentioned.

Now the popular website Bandsintown is showing a CenturyLink stop for McCartney . . . July 15. The Bossier City date is one of four McCartney concerts listed and the only one in the United States.

No ticket price information was listed.

Rebecca Bonnevier, general manager of the CenturyLink, said she could not confirm the McCartney date. "We have no information," she said Monday morning.

The popular website Bandsintown shows a CenturyLink

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April 23 2017

Una publicación compartida de MJKim (@mjkim_lalala) el

Some fans waiting Paul McCartney at Haneda Airport in Japan #OneOnOne (credits: @mccartney_news )

羽田空港国際線到着ロビーの様子(18時頃)。ポール・マッカートニーのツアースタッフ、キョードー東京インターナショナルのスタッフの方々の姿が見えます。(撮影Oさん) #beatles #PaulMcCartney #ポール来日 #OneOnOne

Paul McCartney à l'honneur dans la presse nippone #japan #paulmccartney

Guess where I am..

Japan - Apr 23, 2017 - Tokio's Haneda Airport

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Welcome to Japan 🇯🇵🇬🇧🇯🇵🇬🇧🇯🇵

ポール到着!🇯🇵✨ LINE LIVEありがとうございました🙌🏻 #ポール来日 #PaulMcCartney



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Lana Del Rey reveals collaboration with Sean Ono Lennon on new song
Lana Del Rey reveals collaboration with Sean Ono Lennon on new song
Mirage News 
APRIL 19, 2017 

 Lana Del Rey has revealed that she’s collaborated with John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s son, Sean Ono Lennon, on a new song that references his parents, NME reports.

Del Rey is preparing to release her new album, ‘Lust For Life’, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Honeymoon’. It has already been preceded by lead single ‘Love’. The singer recently unveiled a witch-themed trailer for the album and teased that the record is “coming soon”.

Lana spoke to Courtney Love in a new interview for Dazed in which she talked about a song from her upcoming album called ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ that was written with Sean Ono Lennon and includes the lyric: “I wish we could go back to your country house and put on the radio and listen to our favourite song by Lennon and Yoko”.

“I didn’t want him to think I was asking him because I was name-checking them,” Del Rey explained of the collaboration. “Actually, I had listened to his records over the years and I did think it was his vibe, so I played it for him and he liked it.”

She also confirmed that The Weeknd features on the album’s title track ‘Lust For Life’. She said: “Maybe that’s kind of weird to have a feature on the title track, but I really love that song and we had said for a while that we were gonna do something; I did stuff on his last two records.”

Elsewhere in the Dazed interview, Del Rey and Love discuss their admiration for each other’s music. “You’re one of my favourite writers,” Del Rey told Love, who replied: “You’re one of mine, so, checkmate.”

Meanwhile, Del Rey recently unveiled the cover art for her new album ‘Lust For Life’.

She also recently gave a rare interview to BBC Radio 2’s Jo Whiley, where she revealed more details about the upcoming new record.

“I started out thinking that the whole record was gonna have a sort of a ’50s-’60s feeling, kind of some kind of Shangri-Las, early Joan Baez influences,” she explained. “But I don’t know, as the climate kept on getting more heated politically, I found lyrically everything was just directed towards that. So because of that, the sound just got really updated, and I felt like it was more wanting to talk to the younger side of the audience that I have. I guess it’s a little more socially aware. It’s kind of a global feeling.”

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Paul McCartney lands new production deal for High in the Clouds movie

Image result for paul mccartney High in the Clouds
Paul McCartney lands new production deal for High in the Clouds movie

Apr 21 2017

Paul McCartney is one step closer to getting his long-gestating animated movie High In The Clouds onto the big screen after securing a new production deal.
The Beatles icon first started working on the project in 2009, but progress has been slow and officials at RGH Entertainment, a Jordanian company which picked up the film, have since shuttered its offices in Los Angeles.
Now reports McCartney has taken the idea to bosses at famed French firm Gaumont, which will produce High In The Clouds as its first animated feature in the U.S.
The movie is based on the children’s adventure book of the same name McCartney had published back in 2005, and follows the story of a young squirrel left to find his way after losing his mother when their home was attacked.
The project had previously been set to feature a string of original tunes by the veteran rocker, while a sizzle reel in 2015 also included a secret track by Lady Gaga.
It’s not known if the songs will all make the final cut, but McCartney will remain a producer of the film.

Image result for paul mccartney High in the Clouds
Gaumont Boards Paul McCartney’s Animated Film ‘High In The Clouds’
by David Robb
April 20, 201

EXCLUSIVE: Paul McCartney’s long-in-the-works animated film High In The Clouds will have to wait a little longer. The project, which has been in development since 2009, has been optioned by Gaumont, the French company with offices in Beverly Hills. The new deal marks the first animated feature project for Gaumont in the U.S.

The film, which features eight or nine original songs by the former Beatle, had been in the works under the umbrella of RGH Entertainment, a Jordanian company with offices in Woodland Hills. Those offices, however, were padlocked recently, and RGH is now nowhere to be found.

Two years ago, Deadline got a sneak peek at a sizzle reel for the film, which includes a rollicking number by Lady Gaga that hasn’t been heard yet publicly.

The film is based on the 2005 children’s book of the same name that McCartney penned, and it’s believed he’ll voice one of the main characters.

Gaumont, the first and oldest film studio in the world, will produce in association with Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye, co-founders of Unique Features – who have been involved with the project for years – and McCartney’s MPL Communications.  McCartney, Shaye and Lynne will serve as producers alongside Gaumont’s CEO Sidonie Dumas, vice-CEO Christophe Riandée, and president of animation Nicolas Atlan.

Representing McCartney and MPL Communications on the deal is attorney Lee Eastman, and Unique is represented by attorney Ezra Doner. WME’s Samantha Racanelli brought the project to Gaumont.

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Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper Exclusive: “It Was A Risk!”

Image result for paul mccartney pepper
Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper Exclusive: “It Was A Risk!”
Beatles mainspring on bad reviews, mix fixes and vindication in MOJO magazine’s 50th Anniversary celebration of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
APRIL 20, 2017


PAUL McCARTNEY HELPS MOJO celebrate 50 years of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with an exclusive interview in the magazine that hits UK shops on Tuesday, April 25. He recalls the circumstances surrounding the group’s most groundbreaking album and gives his verdict on the new stereo mix designed to add legs to one of popular music’s key benchmarks.

MOJO 283’s Special Anniversary Cover – what it looks like when it’s out of its bag.

But as McCartney reminds MOJO, before Sgt. Pepper became an icon, there was a period of critical bemusement. How dare Beatles band go all weird?

“We were always being told, ‘You’re gonna lose all your fans with this one.’” McCartney tells MOJO. “And we’d say, ‘Well, we’ll lose some but we’ll gain some.’ We’ve gotta advance.”

In 1967 The Beatles ran the gauntlet of a media gripped in a moral panic over the younger generation’s embrace of drugs, and others who regarded Pepper’s stylistic smorgasbord and hints of thematic coherence as evincing ideas above the group’s station. The Lovable Moptops stereotype died hard.

“Sgt. Pepper did actually get a terrible review in the New York Times,” recalls McCartney. “The critic [Richard Goldstein] said he hated it, thought it was a terrible mess, and then he was on the streets all week and heard the talk, heard what people were saying, and he took it back [in a subsequent Village Voice piece], recanted after a week: ‘Er… maybe it’s not so bad.’ But we were used to that. She Loves You was ‘banal’. But if we liked it and thought it was cool, we would go for it.

“…I mean, George doing Within You Without You,” continues McCartney, “a completely Indian record – it was nothing anyone had heard before, at least in this context. It was a risk, and we were aware of that.”

But even given Sgt. Pepper’s subsequent rise to peerless status, there’s one aspect of the record that has consistently drawn flak, even (perhaps especially) from fans.

Part of the package: MOJO’s Pepper-themed CD features 15 tracks by the Beatles’ psychedelic progeny.

“The original stereo mix is a bit of a period piece,” McCartney concedes. “You’ve got the drums in one corner. You’ve got the vocals in another corner. We would be at listening parties, have some mates around and I’d go, ‘Listen to the drums on this, man!’ …and you couldn’t hear ’em. Oh! They’re over there in the other corner of the room.”

That’s been addressed in the reissue of Sgt. Pepper that’s due on the streets on May 26. A muscular new Giles Martin stereo mix returns the Beatles’ drums and vocals to central positions reminiscent of the original mono mix, and gets McCartney’s seal of approval.

“‘Muscular’ is a good word,” he agrees. “It sounds more like us playing in the room and more like we intended it.”

Also in MOJO’s from-all-angles Pepper coverage: the Beatles’ peers recall when (and where!) their minds were first blown by the album that kicked off The Album Era; Nigel Hartnup remembers pressing the shutter on that cover photo; Jon Savage on Pepper’s treasures, song-by-song; Giles Martin justifies his new mix; and more!

Also in the new issue of MOJO magazine: remembering Jeff Buckley; saluting Chuck Berry; interrogating Christine McVie; moshing to At The Drive In. Plus: Jack White; Jane Birkin; Paul Weller; Loudon Wainwright III; Otis Redding; Slowdive; and… Buggles.

 Click here for more contents info. Look for it on UK newsstands from Tuesday, April 25.
MOJO: Fixing A Hole in your record collection since 1993.

PHOTO: © Apple Corps

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Did The Fantastic Beatles Sgt. Peppers Album Blow Your Mind
Did The Fantastic Beatles Sgt. Peppers Album Blow Your Mind
Stephen Pate
April 18, 2017

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover (Capital Records)

By Stephen Pate – When The Beatles dropped “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” on the first of June 1967, it blew away 250,000 fans who bought it that weekend. It was absolutely the best rock album we’d ever heard.

Within 3 days Jimi Hendrix blew The Beatles minds by opening his June 4th show at the Savoy with a wild psychedelic cover.  The Beatles were pleased and astounded he learned the title song and improvised over it.

The Beatles watch The Jimi Hendrix Experience explosive cover of Sgt Peppers at the Savoy Theatre with their girl friends 3 days after release
The Beatles watch The Jimi Hendrix Experience explosive cover of Sgt Peppers at the Savoy Theatre with their girl friends 3 days after release

It was a momentous day in rock music. Sgt. Peppers was the first concept album by the greatest rock band of the day, and arguably all time.

The album starts with the Sgt Peppers theme advertising a three-ring circus show,  bleeding edge rock, elements of the British music hall show, sentimental ballads,  traditional Indian music, psychedelic drug songs. The B side seems to close with a reprise of Sgt Peppers.

Then a new song slowly starts, the fantastic dream song “A Day in the Life” with its drug infused orgasmic crescendo. A book could be written on just that one song.

Before the 1967 Summer of Love was over 2.5 million eager fans snapped up copies of Sgt. Peppers.

Do you remember how you felt the first time you heard Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Were you one of those release day fans? Or did you get yours before September?

Share your Sgt. Peppers experience in the comment section below. We’ll enjoy all of them. If you’re particularly inspired suggest a 500 plus word story and I’ll print it.  See the note at the end.

December 1967 Jimi Hendrix performance of the mind blowing Sgt. Peppers

50th Anniversary re-issue May 27, 2017

We are just weeks away from May 27, 2017 when Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Anniversary Edition]  will ship. It will be a huge celebration on the 50th anniversary of that Thursday in June 1967.

Along with a CD, there will be a new 2 record vinyl LP.  Super fans are snapping up the deluxe box set Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with 4 CDs, DVD, Blu-ray Combo and 144-page book.

Inside cover Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Capital Records)
Inside cover Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Capital Records)

My Summer of Love and Sgt. Pepper’s

Spring hits you in the face in Montreal, Quebec. Actually there is no Montreal spring. One day its freezing and then it gets hot and humid.

On June 1st, 1967, it was 80 F.  and 40 mile hour gusts slammed you in the face. I was 18 and living away from home for the first time with my older brother and 2 other guys.

I couldn’t wait to leave my boring warehouse job. The MTC bus downtown was sticky with garlic and rancid sweat of tired waitresses, office clerks, and workmen. We rode arm pit to arm pit down Park Avenue to St. Catherine’s Street.

Record Cave, Montreal circa 1967 (photo Pop See Cul)

Record Cave, Montreal circa 1967 (photo Pop See Cul)

Beatles fans around the world were anxiously and eagerly waiting for the 8th Beatles record. Would it be as ground breaking, psychedelic and weird as Revolver.

We knew The Beatles would do something different. How different we could only guess.

CFCF radio station was heavily promoting Sgt. Peppers . I just had to have it.
By 6pm, I was in The Record Cave, a subterranean music shop around the corner from Crescent Street, Montreal’s noisy and trendy strip of boutiques, restaurants and clubs.

A few people crowded the narrow isles filled with rock vinyl. My excitement was intense. I paid $3 for a copy of Sgt. Peppers and hurriedly went up the stairs to a teeming St. Catherine’s.

I grabbed a sticky, black poppy-seed roll, Coke and headed to the Metro.  Up north in our 1-bedroom basement apartment, my 3 roommates were getting the party started.

The postage stamp sized living room was quickly jammed with 18 and 19 year olds, all my friends then, who wanted to hear Sgt Pepper’s. It was an act of rebellion against the strict moral code of our church.  Our apartment was a hub.

When the needle hit the record for the first time, everyone was thrilled. We talked and danced and listened again. We argued over the cover. What did it mean? All night long we listened to Sgt. Peppers over and over.

By 11 AM,  couples had formed and the lights went down. I’d just been dumped by my girlfriend in Easton, PA for a Vietnam Vet but there’s more pretty girls than one. Christine my date was a beautiful ice maiden from Poland.

Later Christine and I drifted into the hot night outside with my guitar. I sang Dylan and Lightfoot songs for her while sitting on the driveway wall.  Just as I was picking my way through Donovan’s “Catch The Wind’,  our Italian landlady opened her front door and angrily said, “What’s a the mattah you? You don’t sleep?”

Couple on Honda (Tumblr)
Couple on Honda (Tumblr)

Sheepishly I said I didn’t know the time and stopped playing.  Christine hugged close as we rode my Honda to her place on St. Urbain.  Her mother was fast asleep.  I quickly made my get-away.
The party re-started Friday night and went all weekend. I carried Sgt. Pepper’s on my Honda to apartments from Park Extension to Papineau to Cote Des Neiges.

Christine’s mother was  mad. On Saturday morning, I picked up some Fairmount Bagels and showed up before lunch. She flickered a frown then put on her best look while I sat in her kitchen listening to her talking.

Word was out the church elders were gunning for us. We skipped Sunday service.

Christine’s mother was really mad. On Saturday morning, I picked up some Fairmount Bagels and showed up before lunch. She flickered a frown then put on her best look while I sat in her kitchen listening to her talking.

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Paul McCartney's Top Ten Best Duets

Image result for paul mccartney singing duets
Michael Jackson, Kanye West And Stevie Wonder: Paul McCartney's Top Ten Best Duets
By Holly Williams
18 April 2017

Paul McCartney has worked with some of the world's most talented acts.

Paul McCartney may be one of the greatest musicians on the planet as a solo artist, but whenever he gets together with another trailblazer, magic happens. From Michael Jackson to Kanye West, he has worked with so many greats - and it's likely there will be many more.

Paul McCartney performing at Desert Trip 2016
Paul McCartney performing at Desert Trip 2016

Here are our ten favourite Paul McCartney duets:

1. 'The Girl Is Mine' with Michael Jackson - One of Paul McCartney's most famous duets was with MJ on the latter's landmark 1982 album 'Thriller'. They also collaborated on the song 'Say Say Say' which featured on Paul's fourth studio album 'Pipes of Peace' the following year. 
2. 'Ebony and Ivory' with Stevie Wonder - Stevie and Paul reached number one in the US and the UK with their anthem on racial equality. It appeared on Paul's 1982 album 'Tug of War' and has since resurfaced on his 'All the Best!' compilation anf Stevie's 'The Definitive Collection' from 2002.
3. 'Heal the Pain' with George Michael - Paul recorded the late Wham! singer's 1991 single as a duet in 2006, as part of George's chart-topping greatest hits compilation 'Twenty Five'. While it is one of George's original songs, the re-arrangement was down in the style of Paul. 
4. 'Only One' with Kanye West - Perhaps the most unexpected of all Paul McCartney's collaborations so far, this was the precursor to the Platinum hit 'FourFiveSeconds' on which they also collaborated with Rihanna. As well as singing on this original tune, Paul also provided the piano accompaniment.
5. 'New Moon over Jamaica' with Johnny Cash - Paul McCartney wrote this little country song with Johnny and songwriter Tom T. Hall for Johnny's 75th album 'Water from the Wells of Home'. Released in 1988, the album was produced by Jack Clement and also featured duets with the Everly Brothers and Hank Williams, Jr..
6. 'A Friend Like You' with Brian Wilson - This previously unreleased Brian Wilson track was released as part of his 2004 solo album 'Gettin' In Over My Head'. He enlisted Paul to accompany him on this particular track, and also worked alongside Elton John and Eric Clapton. 
7. 'The Very Thought of You' with Tony Bennett - For his 2006 album 'Duets: An American Classic', Tony teamed up with a number of contemporary musicians including Paul McCartney, with whom he recorded this pop standard. Originally released in 1934, it was written by Ray Noble and first recorded with Al Bowlly on vocals. 
8. 'All of Me' with Eric Clapton - This 1931 jazz standard, originally recorded by Ruth Etting, was included on Clapton's mostly-covers album 'Old Sock' from 2013. As well as being a co-vocalist, Paul also played bass on the song. Paul and Eric previously worked together on the Beatles song 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'.
9. 'Let It Be' with Billy Joel - A Beatles classic, Paul and Billy performed this 1970 number one single in 2008 in New York City, to be recorded for the latter's live album 'Live at Shea Stadium'. The record also featured their duet of another Beatles hit, 'I Saw Her Standing There'.
10. 'Come and Get It' with Hollywood Vampires - This was a song originally composed by Paul for the 1969 film 'The Magic Christian' and performed by the rock group Badfinger. He created another arrangement for supergroup the Hollywood Vampires with vocals by him and Alice Cooper for the band's self-titled debut studio album in 2015.

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Raj Prem – Announces the Beatles’ Previously Undisclosed Photographs Open to the Millions of the Band’s Enthusiasts

The Beatles pose fully-dressed underwater in the pool of the Nassau Beach Hotel in the Bahamas where they were filming their comedy movie "Help!" Freeman was with them on set.
Raj Prem – Announces the Beatles’ Previously Undisclosed Photographs Open to the Millions of the Band’s Enthusiasts
17 APRIL 2017

This type of enduring demand for all things Beatles was a driving force behind curator Raj Prem’s latest exhibition.

NEW YORK, NY – April 16, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ —
A widely famous curator and music photography collector who has earned global recognition for his exclusive rock-and-roll exhibits, Raj Prem has been successfully leading his company ‚Raj Prem Fine Art Photography’ and is notable for bringing larger publicity to the previously unseen photographs of the popularly celebrated music legends – the Beatles band. The exhibition comes on the heels of another major milestone for these legends of rock and roll – over 50 years since the band’s first iconic concert and appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in the United States. As BeatleMania continued to skyrocket the group into the international spotlight, the desire to get more access into the Beatles’ lives behind the stage grew exponentially. Fans wanted a look into all aspects of their favorite rock stars and get a peak into the private lives. Legends like photographer Robert Freeman helped make this fan wish come true by getting intimate access into the Beatles’ world and showcasing them with some of the most iconic pictures in the history of rock.

Raj Prem – “Not so much obsessed, but rather possessed by Rock n Roll!”

This type of enduring demand for all things Beatles was a driving force behind curator Raj Prem‚s latest exhibition. Prem’s declared goal was to give fans who already have a comprehensive understanding of the band something even more. This prompted him to identify a series of rarely seen photographs during some of group’s most pivotal years in the 1960s. The Beatles photography exhibition aims to generate the same type of excitement and enthusiasm that fans originally felt over 50 years ago.

The buzz surrounding Prem’s newest exhibit comes alongside continued success working with the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE). According to the renowned curator, working with the SFAE has remained an important component of this and many other rock-based exhibits. „I value the opportunity to work with SFAE owners and directors Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich,” Prem recently discussed. „We’ve done 40 plus exhibitions together over 18 years. SFAE was the first gallery in the world to showcase the music photography genre and is probably the most successful outlet for celebrity photography.” Prem remarked that the Beatles photography is only one of many exhibitions he has facilitated with the SFAE over the years. As he continued, „Jointly we’ve co-produced several exhibitions of top UK and US photographers, including Robert Freeman, Iain MacMillan, Terry O’Neill and Dominique Tarle .” For Prem, the 50 year Beatles anniversary exhibit aims to not only reinvigorate original fans about their musical heroes, but also give younger fans direct access into what rock and roll is all about.

The Beatles are seen recording their seventh album, "Revolver," at Abbey Road Studios in April 1966 before embarking on a world tour. Revolver was released in August that year and went straight to No. 1 in the U.S. and UK.

As an internationally acclaimed collector and memorabilia curator, Raj Prem has become one of the foremost figures in photography and other exhibitions featuring rock and roll icons of the 1960s and 1970s. His career as a music journalist first jettisoned him into the spotlight where he represented several famed music photographers. He facilitated exhibitions showcasing candid, behind-the-scenes moments of world famous musical talent. Working with Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley of the San Francisco Art Exchange, Prem was pivotal in launching the world’s first rock photography exhibition in 1997. Other galleries that frequently display parts of his collection include Snap Gallery, Atlas Gallery, and Proud Galleries, where fans of the Fab Four can indulge in some particularly rare Abbey Road prints.

This picture, taken in around 1965, shows Lennon holding his son Julian's toy panda in a Japanese room. The print is has become one of the top sellers in the collection.

Raj Prem – Fine Art Photography:

Raj Prem – Fine Art Photography:

Raj Prem Collection of Rare Photography:

Contact Info:
Name: Raj Prem
Organization: Raj Prem Fine Art Photography

Source URL:

For more information, please visit

Source: MarketersMedia

Paul McCartney and John Lennon are recording "With the Beatles," their second studio album, in 1963 at Abbey Road Studios in northwest London. Other bands to have recorded at the legendary studios, which opened in 1931, include Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, Oasis and Blur.