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Raj Prem – Announces the Beatles’ Previously Undisclosed Photographs Open to the Millions of the Band’s Enthusiasts

The Beatles pose fully-dressed underwater in the pool of the Nassau Beach Hotel in the Bahamas where they were filming their comedy movie "Help!" Freeman was with them on set.
Raj Prem – Announces the Beatles’ Previously Undisclosed Photographs Open to the Millions of the Band’s Enthusiasts
17 APRIL 2017

This type of enduring demand for all things Beatles was a driving force behind curator Raj Prem’s latest exhibition.

NEW YORK, NY – April 16, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ —
A widely famous curator and music photography collector who has earned global recognition for his exclusive rock-and-roll exhibits, Raj Prem has been successfully leading his company ‚Raj Prem Fine Art Photography’ and is notable for bringing larger publicity to the previously unseen photographs of the popularly celebrated music legends – the Beatles band. The exhibition comes on the heels of another major milestone for these legends of rock and roll – over 50 years since the band’s first iconic concert and appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in the United States. As BeatleMania continued to skyrocket the group into the international spotlight, the desire to get more access into the Beatles’ lives behind the stage grew exponentially. Fans wanted a look into all aspects of their favorite rock stars and get a peak into the private lives. Legends like photographer Robert Freeman helped make this fan wish come true by getting intimate access into the Beatles’ world and showcasing them with some of the most iconic pictures in the history of rock.

Raj Prem – “Not so much obsessed, but rather possessed by Rock n Roll!”

This type of enduring demand for all things Beatles was a driving force behind curator Raj Prem‚s latest exhibition. Prem’s declared goal was to give fans who already have a comprehensive understanding of the band something even more. This prompted him to identify a series of rarely seen photographs during some of group’s most pivotal years in the 1960s. The Beatles photography exhibition aims to generate the same type of excitement and enthusiasm that fans originally felt over 50 years ago.

The buzz surrounding Prem’s newest exhibit comes alongside continued success working with the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE). According to the renowned curator, working with the SFAE has remained an important component of this and many other rock-based exhibits. „I value the opportunity to work with SFAE owners and directors Jim Hartley and Theron Kabrich,” Prem recently discussed. „We’ve done 40 plus exhibitions together over 18 years. SFAE was the first gallery in the world to showcase the music photography genre and is probably the most successful outlet for celebrity photography.” Prem remarked that the Beatles photography is only one of many exhibitions he has facilitated with the SFAE over the years. As he continued, „Jointly we’ve co-produced several exhibitions of top UK and US photographers, including Robert Freeman, Iain MacMillan, Terry O’Neill and Dominique Tarle .” For Prem, the 50 year Beatles anniversary exhibit aims to not only reinvigorate original fans about their musical heroes, but also give younger fans direct access into what rock and roll is all about.

The Beatles are seen recording their seventh album, "Revolver," at Abbey Road Studios in April 1966 before embarking on a world tour. Revolver was released in August that year and went straight to No. 1 in the U.S. and UK.

As an internationally acclaimed collector and memorabilia curator, Raj Prem has become one of the foremost figures in photography and other exhibitions featuring rock and roll icons of the 1960s and 1970s. His career as a music journalist first jettisoned him into the spotlight where he represented several famed music photographers. He facilitated exhibitions showcasing candid, behind-the-scenes moments of world famous musical talent. Working with Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley of the San Francisco Art Exchange, Prem was pivotal in launching the world’s first rock photography exhibition in 1997. Other galleries that frequently display parts of his collection include Snap Gallery, Atlas Gallery, and Proud Galleries, where fans of the Fab Four can indulge in some particularly rare Abbey Road prints.

This picture, taken in around 1965, shows Lennon holding his son Julian's toy panda in a Japanese room. The print is has become one of the top sellers in the collection.

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Paul McCartney and John Lennon are recording "With the Beatles," their second studio album, in 1963 at Abbey Road Studios in northwest London. Other bands to have recorded at the legendary studios, which opened in 1931, include Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, Oasis and Blur.

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