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Paul McCartney's wife Nancy makes casual look sexy in a denim skirt with split... but Macca may want to rethink those sandals!
Paul McCartney's wife Nancy makes casual look sexy in a denim skirt with split... but  Macca may want to rethink those sandals!
PUBLISHED: 30 July 2013

She's married to one of the world's most famous rockers.
And when it comes to adding some sex appeal to even the most casual outfit, Sir Paul McCartney's wife Nancy Shevell is undoubtedly a pro.
The 52-year-old wore a denim skirt with a thigh-high split as she joined her Beatles star spouse for a shopping trip around the Hamptons in New York on Monday.

Adding some glamour: Sir Paul McCartney's wife Nancy Shevell looked stylish in a denim skirt with a thigh-high split for a shopping trip in the Hamptons with her husband on Monday
Adding some glamour: Sir Paul McCartney's wife Nancy Shevell looked stylish in a denim skirt with a thigh-high split for a shopping trip in the Hamptons with her husband on Monday

Summer style: Nancy teamed the skirt with a floral top and pink cardigan Summer style: Nancy teamed the skirt with a floral top and pink cardigan
Summer style: Nancy teamed the skirt with a floral top and pink cardigan

Nancy flashed just enough leg as she strolled around alongside her spouse, checking out the wares in an art gallery and local bookshop. 
American businesswoman Nancy teamed the denim skirt with a loose floral top, bright pink cardigan and flip flops, with a straw hat and floral bag.
Paul, meanwhile, cut a casual figure in a pair of chinos, blue shirt and turquoise baseball cap.

Didn't find anything you like? The pair left the store empty-handed
Didn't find anything you like? The pair left the store empty-handed

Hand-in-hand: The pair looked more in love than ever as they strolled along
Hand-in-hand: The pair looked more in love than ever as they strolled along

Retail therapy: The pair looked in good spirits as they enjoyed a trip around an art gallery and local bookshop
Retail therapy: The pair looked in good spirits as they enjoyed a trip around an art gallery and local bookshop

Attempting to keep a low profile, 71-year-old Paul teamed his outfit with a pair of sunglasses, and kept cool in some brown sandals.
Earlier in the day, Nancy and Paul were joined by his son James as they greeted fans in Manhattan. 
The pair met up as the rock and roll icon filmed an appearance on the popular Late Show with David Letterman in the city.

Meet and greet: Earlier in the day, Sir Paul was joined by son James as he waved to fans after shooting an interview with David Letterman
Meet and greet: Earlier in the day, Sir Paul was joined by son James as he waved to fans after shooting an interview with David Letterman

I wanna hold your hand: The canny duo made an thinly veiled reference to another classic as they walked
I wanna hold your hand: The canny duo made an thinly veiled reference to another classic as they walked

Sir Paul's 35-year-old son, who is also a singer-songwriter in his own right, looked far flasher in a black suit, though he faltered by adopting the current trendy tieless look and wearing a pair of garish sky blue shoes.
James certainly looked in higher spirits than last month when he took part in a BBC Breakfast interview that was described as 'car crash television'.
Presenters Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid had to ask detailed questions in order to fill the silence when James repeatedly gave short answers.
One particularly toe-curling moment came when he was asked if his dad was a 'friendly critic', and the singer said: 'Yeah yeah friendly critic. Constructive criticism, definitely yeah.'

It beats a Yellow Submarine: James pointed out they had missed a few fans when they got into their limousine alongside Nancy Shevell
It beats a Yellow Submarine: James pointed out they had missed a few fans when they got into their limousine alongside Nancy Shevell

Dhani Harrison talks about his musical childhood and the studio where his parents met !

Publicado el 27/07/2013
By JennyEpic1964
I love this story and the entire conversation! I don't have any rights to this actual footage. Just a major fan of Dhani Harrison and thenewno2!

New Video: Paul Gets #OutThere In Boston

July 9th saw Paul's all-new "Out There" tour arrive in Boston to play the city's Fenway Park. Before the show Paul received a State Senate official citation in recognition of his"vast contributions to music and animal rights activism" from Massachusetts State Senator Bob Hedlund.

Paul's gig - his first visit to the home of the Boston Red Sox since August 2009 - broke his previous record for the largest single concert attendance in the history of the venue!

Watch the video below:

Let us know if you were part of the record breaking crowd that night in the comments below...

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Paul McCartney And The Hairy Mic

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By DeanJohnsonMusic


Two Recent Russian Beatle Releases
Two Recent Russian Beatle Releases
by beatlesblogger
July 17, 2013

Got an email the other day from friend Andrey in the Russian Federation letting me know about two recent Russian Beatles releases I hadn't heard of:



They are both on the Doxy label. The first is The Decca Tapes [MiruMir Music Publishing / Doxy DOK326] which is on 180 gram vinyl and comes with a bonus CD of the same title, contents and catalogue number. There's an additional plastic bag for the CD - inside the cover. It was released on March 14, 2013.



The second (above) is 1958-1962 [MiruMir Music Publishing / Doxy DOY011]. This one comes as a box set, complete with clear vinyl, a 20-page LP-size booklet and a 6-page A4-size replica of the original "Love Me Do" press-release. It is a limited edition of 1000 copies and was released on May 30, 2013

These can be found on Amazon or Ebay. They're also available at the Music Direct site.

Andrey provided a little bit of background information about the MiruMir company. MiruMir in Russian is written as МируМир. This, says Andrey, is an old Soviet slogan which means "Peace To The World". You can find the Moscow-based label on two websites and, and they have a Facebook site.

MiruMir release a lot of LPs by Russian and ex-Soviet artists, plus the Doxy label (not to be confused with Sonny Rollins' label of the same name) release a very wide range of other artists from around the world.

Actually, in researching all this I discovered another Russian Beatles LP that looks like it comes from the same series as The Decca Tapes - only this time it's a release on Lilith Records, another subsidiary of MiruMir:

Savage Young Beatles

This pressing of The Savage Young Beatles [LR305] was released in 2010. It is also a 180 gram vinyl and comes with a free bonus CD copy of the same songs. It's available at the Music Direct site too. According to Discogs, Lilith is has been a Russian reissue label since 2004 for mainstream rock albums re-released on vinyl and compact disc for Western markets. The records are manufactured at GZ Digital Media A. S. (Loděnice, Czech Republic). For more on GZ Digital Media see my post "Where "Made in the EU" Vinyl Might be Pressed"

If anyone knows anything about the quality of these recordings above please let us know. There are varying opinions out there.

Paul McCartney plays Beatles songs with three members of Nirvana at Seattle gig - watch
Paul McCartney plays Beatles songs with three members of Nirvana at Seattle gig - watch
Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear came on to play a selection of Beatles classics with Macca
July 20, 2013

Paul McCartney was joined by the three surviving members of Nirvana at his gig in Seattle last night (July 19). See above for footage of McCartney and the Nirvana trio performing Beatles classic 'Helter Skelter'.

McCartney was giving the first ever concert at the Safeco Field in Seattle, the city whose grunge scene Nirvana became an integral part of. To mark the occasion, he welcomed Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear on stage during his encore to play 'Cut Me Some Slack', the track they recorded together last year (2012) for Grohl's Sound City film project.

The Nirvana trio stayed on to play a selection of Beatles classics with McCartney: 'Get Back', 'Long Tall Sally' [a song the The Beatles covered], 'Helter Skelter', 'Golden Slumbers', 'Carry That Weight' and 'The End'.

McCartney first played live with Grohl and Novoselic at a Hurricane Sandy benefit gig in New York last December. A few days later, they played 'Cut Me Some Slack' again on iconic US TV show Saturday Night Live - this time joined by Smear on guitar.

However, the Seattle gig marks the first time McCartney and the Nirvana members have played multiple songs together - and the first time they've joined forces on Beatles classics. You can watch their rendition of 'Long Tall Sally' by clicking 'play' below.


Paul McCartney and Nirvana
Safeco Field - Seattle, Washington, July 19, 2013
By 4128Darren

Cut Me Some Slack

Get Back

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Paul McCartney Rendezvous
Paul McCartney Rendezvous

CBC-TV is pleased to broadcast Rendez-vous with Paul McCartney, an exclusive interview with the rock legend on Friday, July 19, at 7p.m. (7:30 NT), but which you can stream on CBC Music, above.

The interview comes in the lead-up to McCartney's return to Quebec City on July 23 to play the Plains of Abraham, five years after he played the same spot in front of 200,000 people to celebrate Quebec's 400th anniversary, and which he still feels a strong connection to.

"[Canada]'s almost like part of our family," he tells interviewer Geneviève Borne. "So many people from Britain came here that you feel a warmth associated with it."

Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl to perform with Paul McCartney at Safeco Field
Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl to perform with Paul McCartney at Safeco Field
POSTED 19/07/2013

Paul McCartney will perform the first ever concert at Safeco Field tonight and word on the street is that he’s bringing some notable local guests with him to mark the occasion.

I received a text from a reliable source told me that “all surviving members of Nirvana are in town today.” This probably isn’t a coincidence since Sir Paul and Pat, Dave and Krist famously recorded together for this year’s Sound City soundtrack.

I’m still waiting to get official word from representatives of McCartney, Grohl and Novoselic, and I will update this post when/if I hear back from them, but the chances of this being merely a rumor are very, very slim.

Brief update: Krist and Pat are in town as per Krist’s Twitter account and local writer Matt Driscoll confirmed a Dave Grohl sighting outside of the Alexis hotel. More proof of a Sirvana song at Safeco happening tonight. Also, EMP Museum posted this picture of Grohl at the museum today.


New Video: Paul Gets #OutThere In Verona (Part 2)

Take Off Your Shoes And Join Us!

Last month Paul played a very special show at the Roman Amphitheatre in Verona. Check out the video below to watch Paul and the band soundchecking before the gig; some lucky fans recreating one of music's most iconic album covers; and find out why Paul takes his shoes and socks off, despite the weather! previously published a selection of exclusive shots from the Verona show taken by Paul’s tour photographer MJ Kim. You can find those HERE!
Paul recently confirmed five new Japanese dates for his all-new "Out There' tour. Let us know if you've seen / will be seeing Paul this year and in which city in the comments below…

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Paul McCartney – In His Own Words
Paul McCartney – In His Own Words
by beatlesblogger
July 14, 2013

Just got a copy of this double Paul McCartney CD set released by the BBC and AudioGO. It was a nice gift from a friend:

In His Own Words front

It's a double interview CD with lots of BBC radio and TV interviews with Paul McCartney and the title is In His Own Words issued by Audiogo in England. It takes material from the BBC Archives ranging from 1968 to 2009 including rare material from throughout his long-spanning career, delving into both his public and private life. McCartney talks about his early influences, song-writing and life as a Beatle. The band’s eventual break-up is covered, as is the forming of Wings.

BBC audiobooks are designed to give an insight into some of the major identities in British history. These interviews delve into the past and give the opportunity to put some context around the happenings in and around the group, as well as life post-Beatles. Here are two short extracts cut together to give you a taste. The first is Paul talking about meditation, and then songwriting and his relationship with the other Beatles:


In His Own Words Rear

At both the US and the UK sites this appears to be available as both a digital download and a hard-copy CD, which is what we have here.

In His Own Words CD1

In His Own Words CD2

AudioGo have also got a couple of John Lennon titles. There's a similar-looking set also called In His Own Words which I'll have to keep an eye out for:

Lennon in his own words

They also have a HUGE book reading of a Lennon biography. It's author Philip Norman reading his Lennon - The Life. Like Norman's book, it is big!  Volume 1 takes up no less than 16 CDs and runs 18 hours and 32 minutes:

Lennon Norman 1

And Volume 2 is 12 CDs, running time just a little bit shorter: 14 hours and 10 minutes....

Lennon Norman 2

VIDEO: Paul McCartney in Seattle, 1990
VIDEO: Paul McCartney in Seattle, 1990
Posted: Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Friday, more than 45,000 people are expected to pack Safeco Field for Paul McCartney, who is playing there as part of his Out There tour.
It’s the first rock concert at Safeco since it opened in 1999 (The Baja Men playing during an Mariners event doesn’t count). And it’s not the first time the former Beatles bassist had the first rock show at a major Seattle venue.
The Beatles’ concert here on Aug. 21, 1964 was the first big show at the Seattle Center Coliseum, which is now KeyArena. In 1976, McCartney and Wings were the first band to play the newly opened Kingdome, which was demolished in 2001 to make way for Safeco.
That Wings Over America tour was also the first time McCartney has played in the United States since the Beatles last concert at Candlestick Park in 1966.
McCartney returned to the Kingdome again in March 1990. Recently we went through the KIRO 7 archive to find footage from that show. Watch the clips of McCartney and the crowd above, and see his pre-show press conference below.

Linda and Paul McCartney clown around during a press conference photo shoot before their concert in the Seattle Kingdome on March 29,1990.(Dan Pelle : The Spokesman-Review)

Paul McCartney sings “Jet” at his sold out March 29,1990 concert in the Seattle Kingdome. (Dan Pelle : The Spokesman-Review)

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PETE BEST EN EL PERU (Parte 2 : El Concierto)

PETE BEST EN EL PERU (Parte 2 :  El Concierto)
Pete Best fue la estrella en una noche limeña de 'Beatlemanía'

El baterista original de la banda más grande de la historia del rock puso el ritmo en un tributo de Un día en la Vida e hizo delirar a fans

Pete Best ofreció su música y talento a los limeños en el show de Un día en la vida. (Video: El Comercio)

Su presencia evocaba una agradable mezcla de emoción y ternura. A sus 71 años, con cabello y bigote canos, ojos azules y una sonrisa de viejo querendón, Pete Best, baterista original de los Beatles, y principalmente un tipo extraordinario, apareció alrededor de las 10 de la noche en medio del tributo de Un Día en la Vida, y con una sonrisa sincera saludó al público limeño.

Luego de repartir abrazos a los integrantes de la banda y la sinfónica –dirigidos por Edmundo Delgado y Rully Rendo-, Best, maravillado por la cálida recepción, se ubicó en el lugar que le pertenece y del que dolorosamente lo retiraron en 1962. Eso no importó anoche. Luego de ‘calentar’ con una contagioso tema instrumental, cayeron, al compás de Best (que Ringo Starr reemplazó por caprichos del destino) los primeros -y aclamados- temas de los Beatles, aquellos que sonaban en los legendarios clubes Casbah, La Caverna, y la excitante época de Hamburgo.

Como entre 1960 y 1962, Best nos regaló con su ritmo canciones como “Roll Over Beethoven”, “P.S. I Love You”, “My Bonnie”, “Twist and Shout”, “I saw her standing there”, entre otras piezas inolvidables que todos los fanáticos cantaron y bailaron frenéticamente. Tranquilo, humilde y sin un gesto extra al que le vimos en la conferencia de prensa, cuando no estaba en el ‘show’, Best respondía con un saludo cada grito delirante del público y hasta se dio tiempo para darles la mano, generando un pequeño ‘maremoto’ humano al pie del estrado. Peter disfrutó, además, cada compás y cada nota con los más jóvenes de la banda, quienes por momentos se le acercaban para rendirle tributo a son de rock y blues.

Llegaron también “All my Loving”, “Sgt. Peppers…”, “Strawberry Fields”, “Golden Slumbergs-Carry that Weight-The End”, “Hey Jude”, “Yesterday”, “Got to Get You into My Life”. El espectáculo tuvo como invitados de lujo al guitarrista ‘Pico’ Egoaguirre y a Andrés Dulude, de las bandas de culto “Los Shains” y “Frágil”, respectivamente. Conmovedora, y una nota aparte mereció la actuación del viejo y querido Gerardo Manuel, quien salió enérgico a cantar pese a estar delicado de salud alegando que “no se podía perder esta noche” al lado de Best.

Anoche, el primer percusionista de la banda más grande de todos los tiempos tumbó los mitos sobre su salida. ¿Mal baterista? ¿antisocial? En realidad, fue todo lo contrario: Peter Best fue la gran estrella en una noche limeña de ‘Beatlemanía’.
Pete Best: una noche memorable con el primer 'beatle' en la batería
Lucero Chávez (@ruloza)
Domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Todos los grandes hechos y triunfos tienen un pasado. Un antes. Un cimiento. Pete Best fue parte de The Beatles en sus primeros años, fue un 'beatle' antes que muchos. 'Un día en la vida' nos dejó la sensación de ser un miembro de la banda, también.

Lo mejor del recuerdo con este gran exponente de la música

Fotos: Virgilio Grajeda

Fotos: Virgilio Grajeda

Fotos: Virgilio Grajeda

Fotos: Virgilio Grajeda

Fotos: Virgilio Grajeda

Pete Best y lo mejor de su música

Pete Best revivió los primeros años de The Beatles, la noche de ayer en el anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición, cuando salió con una chaqueta de cuero negra, una camiseta blanca, jeans gastados y un par de ojos azules brillantes. Canoso, bigotón, sonriente. El primer baterista de The Beatles salió al escenario en medio de muchos aplausos y gritos de ‘¡We want Pete! ¡We want Pete!’, como en 1962, según cuenta la leyenda, Ringo Star salió en escena por primera vez y la gente reclamaba a Pete.

Eran más de las 10 de la noche. Caía una suave garúa, pero el ambiente estaba lejos de sentirse frío. “Un día en la vida” acababa de recibir a su protagonista. Pete saludaba a los miembros de la banda de Edmundo Delgado y Rully Rendo. Los abrazaba con cariño. En un español masticado dijo en el micrófono “ARRIBA, PERÚ”. Se sentó en su lugar especial, la batería y comenzó la fiesta con los legendarios temas que se tocaban en la época de Hamburgo, cuando The Beatles recién empezaba a convertirse en lo que fue después y será siempre: uno de los mejores grupos de rock de la historia, sino, el mejor.

Después de tocar, “Cry for a shadow” y hacernos sentir como si estuviéramos en esos históricos clubes de Cabash y La Caverna, Best se quitó su chaqueta de cuero. Entró en calor y decidió dejar todo lo que los años en compañía de The Beatles le enseñaron. Vinieron “My Bonnie” y “PS. I love you” para ponernos más sentimentales y melancólicos; “Strawberry Fields”, para ponernos en un estado muy ‘zen’ de colores y mundos alternos;  y por supuesto, “I saw her standing there”. El anfiteatro se había trasladado a Londres en la época de los 60’s. Los asistentes se movían en sus asientos, algunos se acercaban para fotografiar y ver de cerca a Pete, las parejas se abrazaban.

Pete siguió al mando de su batería y por mucho que amemos la banda con Ringo Star, Pete nos metió a todos en su bolsillo y cómo no hacerlo con temas como “All my loving” y “All you need is love”, clásicos de The Beatles que nos hacen soñar y disfrutar de cada melodía. La sorpresa de la noche fue cuando salió al escenario Gerardo Manuel, quién se encontraba mal de salud, pero decidió que por nada debería perderse la oportunidad de compartir el escenario con Pete Best. Geraldo abrazó calurosamente a Pete, el público se volvió loco, vinieron aplausos, gritos y, para seguir rindiendo homenaje a tanta 'beatlemania', Geraldo Manuel se hizo cargo de deleitarnos con “Twist and Shout”, el público cantó a viva voz cada nota musical.

Pete se paró de su asiento, agradeció y tiró sus baquetas de batería al público y volvió un poco más loca la noche. La banda completa y él se marcharon, pero no por mucho, porque después regresaron para lo mejor, para ponerle la cereza a la noche con “Yesterday” y “Hey Jude”, temas asombrosos de Paul McCartney. Pete hizo de las suyas nuevamente y terminó el espectáculo con “Rolling over Beethoven”, repartió abrazos y estrechó la mano de las personas que estaban cerca a él. Fue una noche de recuerdos, de sueño, de transportarnos al pasado y saborear los cimientos de The Beatles. Fue una noche de uno de los primeros Beatles. De Pete Best.

PETE BEST + UN DIA EN LA VIDA en vivo en el Parque de la Exposición (15/06/2013)
Publicado el 21/06/2013
Por Mack Mantilla
Primera visita del ex baterista de THE BEATLES a la capital peruana.

Pete Best en Lima, con Gerardo Manuel
Publicado el 16/06/2013
Por MrAdrianfloyd
El exbeatle, Pete Best, tocó en Lima con la banda "Un día en la vida", la sorpresa de la noche fue Gerardo Manuel.

Publicado el 16/06/2013
Por marina victoria Torres

New Video: Paul Gets #OutThere In Warsaw And Sings 'Rip It Up'!

June 22nd saw Paul play his very first concert in Poland performing at the National Stadium in Warsaw as part of his "Out There" tour.

To warm up before the gig he got together with his band to sing the Rock 'n' Roll classic 'Rip It Up' and was on hand to capture the moment! Watch the video below...

To check out Mj Kim's exclusive photos from the Warsaw gig click HERE!

And watch more videos from Paul's "Out There" tour at his YouTube channel HERE!

Japanese Tour Dates Announced!

Paul McCartney is getting "Out There"
First Japanese Live Dates In Over 10 Years Announced

Almost exactly 11 years to the day since Paul last embarked on a run of shows in Japan, November 2013 will see him bring his all new "Out There" tour to Japan to play five special shows.

These new dates will feature music from one of the best loved catalogues in popular music. Paul will perform songs that span his entire career - as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle, including songs that he has never performed in Japan.
The "Out There" tour launched in South America earlier this year and since then Paul has performed massive outdoor and arena shows in the US, Canada, Poland, Italy and Austria. The show has received phenomenal reviews and incredible audience reactions wherever it has gone.

The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments in music from the last 50 years are relived and for many have become the soundtrack to living. Last year marked 40 years since Paul's premier tour as a solo artist and these past four decades have seen him play in a staggeringly impressive range of venues and locations, including outside the Coliseum in Rome, in Moscow’s Red Square, at the White House, a free show in Mexico to over 400,000 people and even broadcasting live into NASA’s HQ in Space!  Having played with his band (Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass guitar/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel, Jr. (drums)) for over ten years, the show never disappoints.

Paul’s first ever solo show in Japan was in 1990 on his World Tour; he then returned in 1993 on the New World Tour and was last there on his Driving Japan Tour in 2002.

Japanese Tour Dates:

Date To Be Announced:     Osaka - Venue To Be Announced
Friday 15th November:       Fukuoka - Dome
Monday 18th November:    Tokyo - Dome
Tuesday 19th November:    Tokyo - Dome
Thursday 21st November:   Tokyo - Dome

"Out There" What The Press Have Been Saying:

USA - Rolling Stone:
Seeing the 70-year-old Beatle, whose voice has hardly aged a day since Please Please Me, play universally loved, time-transcending staples like 'Let It Be', 'Eight Days a Week' and 'Yesterday' – selections from inarguably the most influential song book in pop music history – in 2013 (and all in their original keys!) is like being able to go see Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address in person. It's a privilege for anyone born in the last half century to hear this music performed live, in the moment, and with such grace, by the man who composed them... Across cultural, generational and aesthetic lines, whose catalogue could possibly be more universal than McCartney's? The answer: Nobody's. was moment after awesome moment of fever-pitched collective transcendence. To have not gotten swept up in and invigorated by the life-affirming celebration would be an outright rejection of joy.

Poland - Rzeczpospolita:
McCartney was on Olympic form. This show is what the National Stadium was built for. Paul’s first performance in Poland was the musical event of the decade. For nearly three hours he never left the stage and the show cemented the fact that he is simply the best in the world. As Paul was holding our flag and red and white confetti filled the air we were made to feel like we had won the Euro’s, maybe even the Olympics.

Italy - Il Repubblica:
Paul McCartney has no rivals. His show is pop, rock, Beatles and it is the history of music. When he is on stage it is always a big party. The audience literally exploded with a standing ovation when Paul and the band took to the stage and then sang their hearts out to every word. Paul, equally as moved by his reception, didn’t spare a second and rewarded all present with the concert of a lifetime.

Going to a Paul McCartney concert is like a visit to the Louvre, you go and admire the exceptional art, the most extraordinary and popular music of the last one hundred years. It should be mandatory for school children and in fact for every human being to go at least once in their life!

McCartney is a living monument to the art of popular music, the vitality of music and the joy of bringing people together and celebrating.

Austria - Kronen Zeitung:
We were treated to an explosion of hits as Paul had the entire audience in a state of ecstasy.

It’s not every day that Vienna is honoured by the presence of a Beatle but on Thursday night Paul McCartney treated us to a lesson in music history. Fireworks and flames lit up the skies as Paul himself was surrounded by adulation and thunderous applause.

The Knight proved himself once again as the irrefutable King of Music. Even the sky kept its gates closed, leaving the limelight rightly on Paul. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 year wait.

Canada - Ottawa Sun:
Nearly 50 years in the making, Sir Paul McCartney delivers one of the most memorable concerts Ottawa has ever seen.

Anticipation among the sold-out crowd of nearly 18,000 grew to a palpable buzz around the Canadian Tire Centre Sunday, the arena celebrating its christening by hosting the most hotly-anticipated rock spectacle to touch down in Ottawa in recent memory, perhaps ever.

It was vintage Paul, still proudly wearing his auburn shag cut, his black Nehru jacket, Beatle boots and plucking his Hofner bass on short but sweet snapshots through his iconic career, with Wings tunes 'Junior's Farm', 'Listen to What the Man Said' and the rocking 'Let Me Roll It' sprinkled in amid Beatles megahits.

By the end of an epic stage show spanning six decades and nearly three hours, Ottawa fans were left in the same wake of ecstasy McCartney and crew have hatched at every stop along his Out There tour.

New Video: Paul Gets #OutThere At Bonnaroo (Part 2) recently took you behind-the-scenes at Paul's spectacular performance at this year's Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The festival appearance went down so well we've got a second instalment for you below!

Part 1 of the Bonnaroo tour diary showed Paul and his band improvising a song during soundcheck based around the name of the festival. It also met some of the fans who went along to Manchester, Tennessee.

Part 2 takes us on a walk around the grounds and backstage to the sounds of 'Hey Jude', one of the many highlights from Paul's set.

Let us know if you were lucky enough to be at the festival in the comments...

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OUT THERE : BEFORE THE SHOW - Milwaukee, WI - Miller Park (July 16 2013)

OUT THERE : BEFORE THE SHOW - Milwaukee, WI - Miller Park (July 16 2013)

Gonna rock the park tonight
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Paul McCartney OutThere MKE
Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Getting close now!!
Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Almost!! Sir Paul!!
Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

 Nice Site Line - Close to start time
Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Where are you, Sir Paul?! So excited.
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I'm OutThere
Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

MILLER PARK Milwaukee Wi! Waiting for Sir Paul McCartney!  8:35 pm.
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We got a babysitter and are in Milwaukee to see Paul McCartney. Show starts soon.
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Paul McCartney opening w 8 Days at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Sir Paul McCartney Concert in Milwaukee! Thank you baby girl! Good job on the full house!
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