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$10,795 for Beatles 'Please Please Me'
$10,795 for Beatles 'Please Please Me'
Bids soar for unsigned album in excellent condition, during five-day-auction
By James Massey
June 28, 2013

(Source: - A five-day-auction has ended, with this rare Beatles album fetching a winning-bid of *$10,795 on eBay.

The unsigned record, Please Please Me, was described by the seller as being in excellent/near mint condition, and worthy of being in a museum.

Here's an excerpt from the sellers listing, describing the condition; "This is without doubt the one of the best examples of this record anywhere in the world! The vinyl surfaces are simply stunning and the black and gold labels are as good as you will ever see. This vinyl has hardly been played and has obviously been very well cared for over the years with only the odd very faint whispy mark showing under very strong light."

Interesting side note. The records title song Please Please Me, "didn't do anything" when it was first released in America. According to Paul McCartney, at a concert early in the Beatles career (see the first 15 seconds of video).

McCartney explains the song was-not a hit initially. (Source: Youtube)

Why's The Record Valuable?

Due to their impact on society, and lasting popularity (worldwide), many consider the Beatles to be one of the most influential music groups in popular culture.

Because of this, the band has an extremely large collector base of fans, fighting over the very-limited-supply of early memorabilia, still in good condition.

This combination of a huge-demand for scarce-supply, can propel prices into the stratosphere. Especially when collectors know they may never get another chance to buy certain items.

Please Please Me was the debut album by the Beatles. Being in exceptional condition, it's one of those rare scarce items that only come along once in awhile.

Auction Data & Statistics

The Beatles Please, Please Me album received 20 bids from 7 bidders over the course of 5-days. Opening bid was *$1.51 (GBP 0.99), final bid was *$10,795 (GBP 7,100). The eBay view-counter recorded over 900 visitors to the listing. The auction ended Thursday, June 27, (2013) at 11:14am Pacific Standard Time.

For more information and close-up photos of the album; see **eBay auction listing; # 400514574750 (auction links may expire after 90 days).

See the auction on eBay

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