lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

Paul Wants Your 'New' Photos!


Paul is asking for your 'NEW' images! He told us,

"Seeing as the new album will be called 'NEW', I am inviting you all to post your pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #whatsnewpaul anytime you see the word new on the street or in a magazine or wherever. To start the ball rolling I've done a couple myself which you can check out below, and I look forward to seeing the most inventive ones that you send in. Cheers Paul."
We'll be re-posting our favourite images on Instagram at the 'NEW' page HERE! A few of you picked up on our clues in yesterday's newsletter and have started sending in yours already, which we love - thank you!
We'll be showing the best ones to Paul so be as creative as possible! And who knows where else these photos may be used…

You can also follow Paul on Instagram HERE!

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