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McCartney Two

Paul McCartney wedding: Former Beatle marries American heiress Nancy Shevell

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell's Wedding (pic: Reuters)

Sir Paul waves to the hundreds of fans outside the register office
Sir Paul McCartney and American heiress Nancy Shevell smiled and waved as they arrived at a register office for their wedding today.
The couple spent around a minute posing for photographers after arriving at The Old Marylebone Town Hall in London shortly after 3.25pm.
The 69-year-old former Beatle wore a dark suit with a white shirt and pale blue tie while his bride chose a long-sleeved white dress for the ceremony.
Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (pic: Rex)
Nancy can't stop smiling as she leaves with Sir Paul for the ceremony (Pic: Rex)
Paul McCartney Wedding (pic: Rex)
The couple arrive at The Old Marylebone Town Hall (Pic: Rex)
Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (pic: Getty)
Paul shares a jokes with Nancy (Pic: Getty)
Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (pic: Getty)
Bride Nancy wore a long-sleeved white dress with a white flower in her hair (Pic: Getty)
Sir Paul's former band mate Ringo Starr posed for photographs and made a peace sign as he arrived at the register office.
Ringo Starr and wife Barbara Bach (pic: FilmMagic)
Ringo Starr arrives at the register office (Pic: FilmMagic)
Olivia Harrison (pic: PA)
Olivia Harrison arrives at the register office (Pic: PA)
Sir Paul and his bride left the north London home for the ceremony at around 3.05pm.
Paul McCartney with wife Nancy Shevell (pic: Getty)
The newlyweds leave the register office (Pic: Getty)
They smiled widely as Nancy, wearing a white flower in her hair, got into the back seat of the car to sit alongside a young bridesmaid dressed in pink.
Both clutched small bouquets of flowers.
Sir Paul got into the passenger seat, waved and blew a kiss to the dozens of fans waiting by the entrance to the driveway.
Members of the press scrambled to get the first glimpse of Nancy's dress and to take pictures of her and the former Beatle.
A black Mercedes saloon car left a few minutes before with three women inside, believed to be members of Nancy's family.
Sir Paul and Nancy broke tradition by spending the morning of the wedding together.
They were first seen when they left the house looking relaxed and in casual clothes shortly after 11.30am.
They are thought to have gone to the gym at nearby Lord's Cricket Ground.
Nancy beamed as she walked to the same chauffeur-driven red Lexus saloon car that took them to the ceremony, wearing Aviator-style sunglasses and a blue rain coat.
The music legend joined her on the back seat in a black fleece jacket.
Fans and journalists took pictures of the couple.
Vans delivering supplies such as temporary carpets, candles and an entertainment system arrived shortly after the couple left.
Around an hour later the pair returned and Sir Paul waved and smiled out of the window as the car pulled back into the drive.
A make-up artist and hair stylist are thought to have gone into the house shortly after.
Caterers and other staff ferried items into the house all afternoon.
After spending around an hour and 10 minutes inside, the beaming couple left the venue as husband and wife.
Family and friends threw confetti as they walked down the steps.
Paul McCartney and his new wife Nancy Shevell (pic: Getty)
The happy couple are showered in confetti as they leave the register office (Pic: Getty)
They waved to the gathering of around 200 cheering fans - some of whom had been waiting all day to catch a glimpse of the singer - before getting into their red Lexus to travel to the reception at Sir Paul's home.
Wedding cakes were delivered at around 4.10pm.
It took two people to carry the main cake, which had chocolate as one of the ingredients. The other was a vegan cake.
Asked how long it took to create, the cakemaker from Posh Puds Patisserie said: "We worked for weeks."
Children's entertainers and catering staff also went into the house.
Sir Paul and Nancy posed for pictures and kissed outside their home when they got back from the ceremony.
Asked how he felt, he said: "Terrific, thank you. I feel married." He added: "I feel absolutely wonderful." Sir Paul shook hands with fans and gave hi-fives. Nancy did not say anything, but grinned and winked at the waiting fans and journalists.
The bride's second cousin, US broadcast journalist Barbara Walters, described the wedding as "beautiful and wonderful" as she left the register office.
When asked if anyone had cried during the ceremony she laughed and said "me".
Alison Cathcart, Westminster City Council's superintendent registrar said: "I am overjoyed to have played a part in bringing these two wonderful people together in marriage.
"Lots of couples get married at Marylebone Town Hall because of the venue's iconic status and reputation as the place to get married in central London.
"I wish them both great happiness as they further their lives together."

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