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Merseyrail train given a Beatles make-over to drive tourismby Laura Cox, Liverpool Daily Post
Beatles tribute band perform on James Street train station platform to mark unveil the Beatle Story Merseyrail train.

A MERSEYRAIL train was given a Beatles-style makeover
The carriages were covered in a wrapping painted with images of the Beatles, to advertise the Beatles Story on Pier Head and other tourist attractions.
The train is part of a wider project to regenerate the rail network.
Bart Schmeink, marketing director of Merseyrail, said he hopes the regeneration will help to get more out of the 37-year-old trains.
He said: “We haven’t decided on what the designs will be but they will all celebrate Liverpool in some way.
“I’ve been thinking about things like the U-Boat, the iconic Mersey ferry, Liverpool One. Maybe we’ll even do an Everton one and a Liverpool FC one.”
Sandwiches and pink lemonade were served on board the Beatles Express by staff in Sgt Peppers’ costumes yesterday.
Passengers were entertained by Made in Liverpool, a Beatles tribute band formed of Merseyrail guard Mike Wynne, his brother Richie Wynne, nephew Lee Wynne, and Gary Fernhead.
The train was driven to Rock Ferry, before returning to James Street Station.

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