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ポール・マッカートニーONE ON ONE TOUR 5/30/2016はAccor Hotels Arena, Paris,France🇫🇷

See u tonight @PaulMcCartney
Paul McCartney: "I go to the supermarket like everyone else"
On the occasion of his concert Monday night at Bercy, Paul McCartney gave us exceptional interview. Soon 74 years, he is preparing a new album and live like a normal family man.
Interview by Eric Bureau
May 30, 2016

Sir Paul McCartney est peut-être une légende du rock, mais il n’en apprécie pas moins son quotidien de Monsieur Tout-le-Monde quand il n’est pas en tournée.
Sir Paul McCartney may be a rock legend, but he did not appreciate  less everyday World when he is not on tour. (Universal Music).

"Hello, Eric, it's Paul". It was Sir McCartney who calls, 13 o'clock sharp on Thursday. He is driving his car in Sussex. Between two dates of his world tour "One on One", which stops tonight at the Arena AccorHotels (Bercy), the legendary bassist and singer of the Beatles rolls in the English countryside to his studio.

"I recorded new songs for my next album," he says immediately. For a new one , it's a new one!
Paul McCartney will celebrate 74 years on June 18 but no question of retirement. Who's complaining? His last albums and concerts take more than the road. The interview should last ten minutes, it will make twenty three.

You're still at work!
Paul McCartney. But it's not work! I love music, quite simply. This is my life, my passion. As a footballer who is asked how long he will play, I would say I'll play and sing as long as I can. I always feel very capable. I had some small problems with my voice in March, but it gets better. I do not take special care of my voice, I do not know much about it, anyway. I've always been very lucky because I do not work. The best way to maintain it is probably singing.

The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, and you are all on the road. The generation after the war is indestructible!
We have in common to have a few good songs and the chance that people still want to hear them. We all like to play and while the public will want to see us, we will continue.

A festival will bring you all in October in the US.
Yes, this will be history! It will be cool to meet all these old buddies. We will play separately over several days but, who knows, maybe we will share the stage.

Do you missJohn Lennon?
A lot, like a brother. I commend him on stage with "Here Today", an imaginary conversation between us. He was someone special in my life, I loved him very much. In the Beatles, we were lucky. We loved each other and we have done great things together. Although as in any family, we had differences, we loved to the end.

One year ago you surprised your fans by appearing on the song "FourFiveSeconds" with Rihanna and Kanye West.
I loved the experience! Kanye West asked me if I wanted to work with him. I found it interesting because it's a great artist, and it was fun, unusual. In addition, great music is born of our meeting. The song was exciting Rihanna, Kanye has made two other, "Only One" and "All Day".

The video for "FourFiveSeconds" exceeds 340 million views. That surprises you?
Not anymore. But when we published the video on the Internet and it instantly makes 1 million views, I told the manager of Rihanna: "Wow, that's cool! "And he replied:" No, no, it is hoped more than 100 million views. "So I said," Oh, okay, well, in that case, let's go. " (Laughter.)

Do you Like rap?
Yes a lot. I try to keep in touch with modern music. Well, some things are beyond me a little (laughs), but others really appeal to me as the new Drake, Beyonce, Jay Z ... If interested young people, then this may also interest me. This stimulates me.

What do you think of Brexit, the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union?
In England, it is the madness right now! All the people I talk about is moving from one extreme to another. I like them, I have not yet decided, it is very confused in my mind. I continue to listen to the arguments, the reasons to stay and get out. But I am sure that the best decision will be made within a month.

How is your day when you're not on tour?
It depends on the weather. I like to do gymnastics, wandering in the woods with family, with my wife (note: Nancy, married in 2011) and my children. I go to the cinema, I shop at the supermarket, like everyone else. This morning I woke up to drive my youngest child (note: her daughter Beatrice, age 12) at school. As a normal dad. And then I went home. It's nice, so I made a horse. And there, I drive to my studio. Tomorrow I will do the same then I will take the plane to Düsseldorf, where I play the day after tomorrow. I need to balance this normal life with the life of a big rock star on tour, which is not normal. This will keep feet on the ground. Sorry, I must leave you, I arrive at the studio. Greet your readers for me.

VIDEO. Paul McCartney, a rock legend at the Velodrome in Marseille in June 2015

He will play almost 40 songs tonight at Bercy

Forty-one songs in Marseille, 43 at the Stade de France it a year ago, 38 last Saturday in Dusseldorf ... Hopefully Paul McCartney an endless-concert tonight in Paris. "We have so many songs to play, he commented Thursday on the phone. In the early Beatles, we were asked to do shows for half an hour. It was very short and frustrating. Today I want to give viewers for their money. The concerts are expensive, although we try to keep decent prices (note: from 67 € to 150 €). So we try that people attend a good show and good memories. "

One tip, do not be late. "My show starts with Hard Day's Night and his exciting guitar riff," says McCartney, who never played this classic Beatles since the beginning of his solo career in 1970. In this "One on One Tour" it also play for first time "Love me Do", among some 25 titles of Beatles and 6 titles of Wings, his second group. "I have a mix of songs that people want to hear and the ones I like to play, he says. I like to give the public what it wants, because I also, as a spectator, I want to hear the songs. "

He should also sing tonight "FourFiveSeconds" the title he created with Rihanna and Kanye West, and pay tribute to the Beatles producer George Martin, who died on 8 March. Reserve does something special for France? "I do not know yet, he admitted Thursday. We will discuss with the musicians when we get to Paris. I love France, you experienced something terrible last year and it would be nice to mark the occasion. "

The concert Monday night at the Arena AccorHotels (Paris XII), is Sold Out. Compilation "Pure McCartney," Universal, 2 CD, € 16.99, released on 10 June.

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