viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

Paul McCartney at Olimpic Stadium, Munich, Germany (10/06/2016)

Jenna found him in Munich !!!!

Tnx Rob Acosta!

June 10th, 2016

Hello Munchen, are you ready to rock tonight ?? Berlin, you're next!

Tnx Anita!

Splendid day for soundcheck in Munich.
ūüď∑ Kate Cockroft

Great shot, thanks Anita!

MyRockworld live - Paul McCartney just Started his Concert in Munich with Hard Days Night

MyRockworld live - Sir Paul McCartney just Right now in Munich

Setlist Paul McCartney live in Munich 10.6.2016

Olympic Stadium Munich -Munich - June 10,2016

Olympic Stadium Munich - -Munich -June 10, 2016

#OneOnOne #paulmccartney

 Ho #rmclive moi j'√©tais pas sur la lune mais √† Munich au concert de @paulmccartney donc merci √† vous. 


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