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She was Just Seventeen

She was Just Seventeen

By Luxorhouse  |  Posted January 6, 2012  |  Wausau, Wisconsin

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Luxorhouse says her family drove about three hours from Wausau, Wisconsin, to meet The Beatles when they performed in Minneapolis. She says Beatles road manager Mal Evans took this picture of her with John Lennon. She spent about a half-hour back stage and got to talk with John, Paul, George and Ringo. She says they were courteous, kind and funny during her visit and she was very impressed that Paul McCartney interrupted his card game to try to help her find a flash cube. She didn't have tickets for the show and never got to see the band live, but she says "I got the best of the two possibilities, so I don't regret it." 
davidw, CNN iReport producer
My most memorable Kodak moment has got to be the day I spent 30 minutes with The Beatles at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota, August 21, 1965. 
Beatles Road Manager Mal Evans was kind enough to snap the photos of me with "the boys," but I only got three shots. 
Paul was last and when I got to him I discovered I had no more flashcubes left (my father had gone back to our car to get more, but Mal Evans came to take me to meet the Beatles before my father returned). As a result, Paul looked around for some flashcubes, but found none. Mal took the shot with available light, but it did not turn out. My Paul was my favorite at the time. 
My memorable moment was made possible because of Bob Fletcher (The Beatles tailor), who was a pen pal of mine.
She was Just Seventeen
Kordus sits with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who was watching TV before the band performed in Bloomington, Minnesota.Kordus joins George Harrison while he tunes a guitar in the shower room backstage.

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