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Paul says America was a little bit backwards on their first visit


By Lizzie Catt with Lisa Higgins and Jack Teague

Tuesday January 24,2012
SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has scored an own goal with his recent comments about the US, especially given that his new wife Nancy Shevell is American.
And as his musings have come only a few weeks before he appears at the Grammy Awards in LA the timing couldn’t be worse.
Giving his opinion of the US in the Sixties on new BBC show How The Brits Rocked America, Macca, 69, claimed: “We felt it was a little bit backwards.”
Sir Paul will have to do some explaining at home to his New Yorker wife Nancy or keep her out of the room while the show is on.
The couple, who married in October last year in London and spend most of their time in the US, may be forced to deal with a fair few retorts, especially after Sir Paul went on to declare: “They were a little bit in the dark ages so [The Beatles] were very unusual. When we went on The Ed Sullivan Show that was really over the edge.”
Their first TV appearance in the US attracted 70million viewers and the hysteria on their arrival at New York led to a change in security procedures at US airports. Other legendary musicians appearing in the documentary on BBC4 from this Friday include Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and Cream’s Jack Bruce.
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Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell spend most of their time in the US
They were a little bit in the dark ages so [The Beatles] were very unusual.
Sir Paul McCartney

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