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Brian Ray Newsletter
2011 year end newsletter

Dear friends of mine and fans of pets everywhere... Many of you often ask about my French Bulldog, Charlie.. You might not know the story of how we met. 

I SO wanted a Frenchie four years ago and after buying all the stuff -the cool food bowls, bed, toys, etc - the dog I wanted was sold on the morning I was going to pick it up... It really bummed me out.

I then started going to the local Animal Shelter to look for a dog almost every day, for months. One night at a party, a dear friend came up to me and said, "I heard you're looking for a dog. How would you feel about a French Bulldog?"

After retrieving my jaw from the floor, I said, "are you kidding, that's what I've been looking for!" About a week later, her neighbors who were having personal problems and could not keep their dog anymore allowed me to adopt my little buddy, Charlie.

I'll never forget him strutting up Main St with his big smile, beside his buddy, "Kegger", a St. Bernard. From that day, Charlie was mine! He has truly become THIS man's best friend. It's been a life changer, with so much fun and love coming at me every day. He just needed some guidance, patience, lots of love and an ocean view*. [ha!]

I'm so pleased to have improved the life of another little being who was not being loved and cared for the way he deserved. Adopting brings a satisfaction which can't be matched by buying a dog from a breeder, as I had intended to do. There are so many sweet, adorable pets waiting to be adopted and loved in your area right now.

For this Valentine's Day, join me and my dog, Charlie in supporting the Pet Adoption Fund, the largest non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization in Southern California. I have designed a new wristband, check it out! They're available to pre-order now...

The Magnet image from my two solo albums, Mondo Magneto and This Way Up has been set into a cool, thick metal logo tag also featuring my Brian Ray logo. The tag is then snapped onto a flexible wristband.

This limited edition bracelet is available to pre-order, in advance of Valentine's Day, as a way to show some love to adoption for pets. You can join the "club" by wearing this limited edition bracelet, while contributing to the happiness, love, and respect of our animal friends! A major portion of each wristband sold will go directly to the Pet Adoption Fund:

These cool matte black wristbands are made in the USA from hypoallergenic 100% silicone with pewter alloy tags. Please select large or medium size wristband, which arrives with tag attached. There are 100 of these special Brian Ray / bracelets available for $9 USD apiece [plus S&H] with shipping, to anywhere on the planet. They will go fast, so don't wait... Shipping starts on January 23rd in time for Valentine's Day.

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