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Meet Paul McCartney at Grammys

The WannaBeatles campaign to meet Paul McCartney at Grammys

Posted on  by Dave Paulson
A Grammy nomination doesn't come along every day for most folks - nor does the chance to be under the same roof as former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.
Nashville Beatles tribute act (and 2012 Grammy nominees) The WannaBeatles are well aware of this, and they're making the most of both opportunities with their "We Wanna Meet Paul" campaign.
The band will attend this year's Grammys as producers of Fab Fan Memories - The Beatles Bond, a collection of Beatle stories and songs, which is nominated for Best Spoken Word Album. McCartney will also be at the Grammys: he'll be honored as Musicare's "Person of the Year," and the reissue of his Band On The Run is nominated for "Best Historical Package."
The WannaBeatles have crafted an original tune and music video in which they make their mission clear: they'd just like to shake their hero's hand and say "thanks" while they're in Los Angeles next month, and they'd like everyone to spread the word.
"We're all Beatles fans," says frontman Dennis Scott, who's previously won two Grammys for children's music projects. "This is an album about the Beatles, and it's up for a Grammy, so what could be better?"

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