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Guitar World-Holiday 2011-The Beatles
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Guitar World presents an in-depth look at the making of every Beatles album, with first-hand insights and commentary from Beatles producer George Martin, engineer Geoff Emerick and many, many others! From “Please Please Me” to “Abbey Road,” you’ll get the stories behind the greatest songs from the albums and the techniques used by the Fab Four. That’s more than 40 pages of detailed history for 13 amazing albums!
Features in this issue include:
Dear Guitar Hero: Featuring the legendary Fleetwood Mac lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.
Judas Priest: K.K. Downing’s sudden departure nearly destroyed Judas Priest. Glenn Tipton and Priest’s new guitarist, Richie Faulkner, tell how the group climbed back from the abyss.
Soundcheck: Fender Super-Sonic 100 head, Epiphone ’61 Reissue Casino 50th Anniversary hollowbody electric guitar, Gretsch G6136STL Silver Flacon, Vox Night Train, and much more!
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