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Will Paul McCartney be next to rock Cuba? Beatles legend ‘to follow The Rolling Stones’
Will Paul McCartney be next to rock Cuba? Beatles legend ‘to follow The Rolling Stones’
HARD on the heels of The Rolling Stones, Sir Paul McCartney could be the next music giant to rock Cuba.
PUBLISHED: Sun, Apr 3, 2016

Paul McCartney - Rolling Stones on stage in Cuba
Paul McCartney is rumoured to be planning a concert in Cuba

More than 50 years after the music of The Beatles was banned on the island, Macca is tipped to stage a massive gig on the island.

Last weekend the Stones became the first international rock and roll act to perform an outdoor concert under the ruling communist government.

“Western” music was banned by the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in 1961 as he feared the songs would corrupt the population.

The Rolling Stones on stage in Cuba
The Stones made history with their free outdoor show

The crowd at Rolling Stones show in Cuba
Up to 700,000 heard the show outside Havana


So in 1963, when “Beatlemania” swept across America – only 90 miles north of the then Soviet-subsided island – fans of their music were forced underground. 

For decades the music of Sir Paul, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star was shared in private. 

But following the collapse of the Soviet Union the government has slowly relaxed its grip over sources of entertainment. 

And last week up to 700,000 heard The Rolling Stones’ historic show outside Havana. 

The Beatles in front of a US flag
When ‘Beatlemania’ swept the US, Cuban fans were forced underground

Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul's agent has denied that the gig will take place

A source on Cuba’s state-owned newspaper Granma said “The Beatles were banned but in Cuba people loved them.

“It is very likely he will be the one following The Rolling Stones.” 

A spokesman for the Stones, who this week launch their Exhibitionism exhibition in London, yesterday confirmed: “We heard Sir Paul had been in negotiations to perform in Cuba. The Stones wanted to get in first.” 

Sir Paul’s agent said no Cuba date was planned.

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