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Pete Best's revenge
Pete Best's revenge
Posted by Roger Stormo
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 

An American release of the Polydor recordings.

When Klaus Voorman made the collage that became the front covers of the Beatles' Anthology album series and related releases, the front cover of Anthology Vol 1 had as centre piece the album cover of an obscure American 10" album of the Polydor songs the band, including Pete Best, recorded as a backing band for Tony Sheridan. 

Anthology 1 depicted the old record, but Pete's head was torn off.

However, on the collage, Pete Best's head was torn off, revealing Ringo from a picture of The Beatles taken for the Please Please Me album cover. 

Pete Best Band's album "Hayman's Green" from 2008 depicted the missing piece.

But Pete got his revenge when the album cover of his band's "Hayman's Green" album from 2008 featured just the missing piece from the Anthology cover on the front.

Even though he was not involved in the making of the Anthology series, he was the drummer on several songs on Anthology Vol. 1, including songs from the Polydor sessions as well as songs from the Decca audition and others. Best negotiated a deal with Apple for his involvement on these recordings, and through this deal he finally became a millionaire in pounds sterling.

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  1. Paul do the right thing and meet Pete Best on Hayman's Green. This is the birthplace of THE Beatles. Put the past behind you. All the best......your friend Nick