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Pictures: Nobody wants to live in Yoko's building
No one wants to live in this $14.5 million apartment in New York's most exclusive building
Brittany Fowler, provided by
Published  Friday, July 3, 2015

John Lennon and Yoko Ono exiting the south gate at The Dakota.

It's baaaack. 

Apartment 46 in The Dakota — the iconic co-op building at 72nd Street and Central Park West — has been on and off the market for over eight years. Guess what? It's on again for $14.5 million.

But, even if you have the cash, you might not have a chance at apartment 46. The Dakota co-op board is famously picky: it has denied everyone from Billy Joel to Judd Apatow to Madonna. 

Yoko Ono still lives in the building where John Lennon was murdered, and it holds dual titles as New York's most exclusive and unusual address. 

Dakota Building NYC

Craig Schiller and Meredith Specht hold the listing. 

Built in 1882, the four bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom apartment hit the market eight years ago for 19.5 million.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_0

High ceilings and spacious living areas are stereotypical of The Dakota, as are spectacular views of Central Park.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_2

What this 10-room apartment lacks in views, it makes up for in elaborate décor.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_7

It appears The Addams family helped with the dining room décor.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_1

This painted black room looks like the perfect spot to host a seance on a stormy night.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_3

While the rest of the interior is more eclectic, this chic gold room with a polished black bar is pure elegance.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_4

The kitchen includes a large hidden pantry, so you can stock up on essentials during the winter.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_5

Enjoy a few strips of bacon in this country-inspired space. Just make sure the pig wall doesn't see you.
WARBURG-SALES-361977 picture_6

The listing also mentions a shaving room. Could that be a half bath for gents or an in-home barber shop for one? Either way it sounds pretty great.

Complete with a balcony, this bedroom would make a great library.

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