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Concierto en Madrid

Concierto en Madrid - first look
Posted by Roger Stormo 
Wednesday, July 01, 2015 

Out today! The Beatles: Concierto en Madrid

Friend of our blog, Josep M. Navarro purchased the vinyl+cd edition of the new release today in Barcelona, and has provided these scans for us

Vinyl album - front

Vinyl album - back

Label, side A

Label, side B

Photo booklet

CD - disc

Josep also provided us with some mp3 sound samples, and the quality is indeed very nice - but it seems most of it is not Madrid after all, but Paris. You may download these samples as a zipped file from here   (7.52 Mb). Still, this seems to be the same fake Madrid concert we posted about earlier.
So what happened to the original Madrid recording that José Luis Alvarez bragged about to Efi Eme?
Apple interference? Or is this simply Spanish bootleggers rushing to cash in on a genuine, still forthcoming release?

Madrid - from Efe Eme
Posted by Roger Stormo 
Wednesday, July 01, 2015 

Vinyl, cd and vinyl+cd editions

The Spanish magazine Efe Eme, which first reported about an unreleased professionally made concert recording of The Beatles' one and only Madrid concert, is now making three different editions available from their website.
An LP purchased by one of our readers in Barcelona earlier today proved to be an "outfake" - it was in effect a dressed up Paris concert from the same tour. But Paris has been bootlegged ages ago, whereas Madrid has yet to be heard. Perhaps Emi Efe is offering the real deal, or perhaps it's all a hoax?
The picture above was posted on Efi Eme's Facebook page and among the covers shown is a blue-coloured edition, not depicted elsewhere.

The tape shown in Efe Eme

The tape depicted above was featured in the original article in Efe Eme about the Madrid concert, and could still be what we all are looking forward to hear.

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