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The Beatles Hollywood Bowl 50th Anniversary

The Beatles Hollywood Bowl 50th Anniversary
Salvador Gomez
LA Neighborhood Photography Examiner
August 19, 2014

The iconic Hollywood Bowl has seen it's share of milestones having been the setting and backdrop of some amazing events. But probably nothing could compare to the three appearances by The Beatles. 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of these four lads coming to the U.S. and this August also marks the anniversary of the The Beatles first concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

This past Saturday Breakfast with The Beatles host Chris Carter cerebrated a week early with a LIVE broadcast from The Hollywood Bowl. His Special guest...Bob Eubanks.

The back story of how this happened is equally as fascinating as any other pop culture legend you will ever hear. Bob Eubanks is now a legendary TV host who many contemporary folks might know from his New Years Day Rose Parade broadcasts but in 1964 Bob was a radio DJ at the long gone KRLA AM station in Los Angeles. Like most of the country Bob watched the appearance by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and it struck him that he somehow needed to book them to play in Los Angeles. There was only one problem, Beatles manager Brian Epstein demanded a $24 thousand dollar fee to guarantee the booking. Bob Eubanks, although a successful and working radio personality didn't have the money to secure the band. Enter the Trans World Bank, a local “store front” bank in Woodland Hills. Using a home co-owned by Bob Eubanks and his business partner as collateral the bank loaned Bob Eubanks the necessary funds...and the Beatles were on their way to Los Angeles.

This weekend beginning August 22, 2014 through Sunday August 24 the Hollywood Bowl will celebrate this initial appearance by the band with a program hosted by former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart in celebration of this momentous occasion with special guests recreating moments from this legendary event. Tickets are still available but the 3 day event are expected to sell out.

Photos by Sal Gomez :


Bob Eubanks tells the story of how he booked The Beatles at The Hollywood Bowl
Bob Eubanks tells the story of how he booked The Beatles at The Hollywood Bowl (Photo by Sal Gomez) 

Bob Eubanks tells the story of how he booked The Beatles at The Hollywood Bowl

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