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Front door from 20 Forthlin Road up for auction
Macca ex-home door up for auction
Belfast Telegraph
04 AUGUST 2014

It might not be made of Norwegian Wood, but Beatles fans are expected to pay out thousands of pounds for the chance to own this old front door from Sir Paul McCartney's childhood home.

The door, from the former Beatle's home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool, is up for auction as part of Christie's Out of the Ordinary sale on September 3 and is expected to fetch around £8,000.

McCartney's family moved to the council house in 1956 and it is where the band first rehearsed and where early hits including Love Me Do and I Saw Her Standing There were written.

1961 ( 20 Forthlin Road )

The door was removed when the house was refurbished in 1978 and has passed through several hands before being offered for sale.

The Forthlin Road house, which was bought by The National Trust in 1995, is included on a tour of Beatle's boyhood homes along with the house where Lennon lived with his Aunt Mimi.

Other items in the sale include a sword reportedly used at the Battle of Hastings and a silver replica of Harrods that was made as a result of a bet between the store's managing director and Selfridge's owner Harry Gordon Selfridge.

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Celia Harvey, head of sales at Christie's, behind the front door taken from the childhood home of Sir Paul McCartney

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