lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Paul Delivers Thrilling Finale At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Over 27 million people tuned in on Friday night to watch the incredible Olympics opening ceremony in the UK alone, with Paul providing a thrilling and fitting finale. The universally acclaimed event pulled in the highest viewing figures in the UK in almost 15 years.
After midnight Paul took to the stage to perform ‘The End’ and a euphoric ‘Hey Jude’ that had all the stadium on their feet and singing along.
Speaking directly after his performance Paul said, “Thanks for the great response guys. Tonight was terrific, great, really cool. There was some talk of maybe being to playback but we decided against it and went live, live, live! It was a trip and very exciting. It was a great opening ceremony”.
The Daily Mail Online reported, ‘What better way to end a great night than a sing-along? The musical climax was provided by Sir Paul, the most successful songwriter in British history, who had the crowd singing and swaying’.

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