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‘Couldn’t be happier’: Julian Lennon on new collaborations with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler


Rock Music — July 19, 2012 9:30 am
‘Couldn’t be happier’: Julian Lennon on new collaborations with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler
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Julian Lennon with Steven Tyler

Julian Lennon will not only be featured on the new Aerosmith album singing background vocals, he has also concluded a full-song collaboration with Steven Tyler.
The tune, called “Someday,” is set to be included as a bonus track on the special international release of Lennon’s most recent solo project, the well-received Everything Changes. (We called it “the most assured release yet from this underrated pop melodist.”)
Meanwhile, Aerosmith’s Music from Another Dimension, originally scheduled for release on Aug. 28, 2012, now has a street date of November 6. Helmed by the group’s celebrated 1970s-era producer Jack Douglas, this will be Aerosmith’s first original long player since 2001, and its first release of any kind since Honkin’ on Bobo back in 2004.
Lennon might also reportedly join Aerosmith on tour, though that’s unconfirmed. Tyler and Lennon spent a day in June writing together, and Lennon completed the track later in the month. Of course, the 49-year-old son of the late John Lennon, isn’t the only name-drop guest star to be involved with Aerosmith’s upcoming studio effort: Actor Johnny Depp has also worked as a “musical advisor” on the project, according to Tyler.
“Mixing is finally done on ‘Someday’ with Steven Tyler,” Lennon writes on Facebook, confirming the collaboration. “I couldn’t be happier.” Lennon posted the above photograph on his Facebook wall, as well, with the caption: “Mr. Tyler and ‘The Other’ Mr. Lennon, singing background vocals, on the amazing new Aerosmith album.”
Britain’s Daily Express quoted a source as saying: “Julian is a big Aerosmith fan and has been asked to sing backing vocals on the new album by Steven, who loves Julian’s voice as it’s reminiscent of John’s. Julian’s been in his element. It’s hoped he’ll be joining them on tour too.”
Foto: One of the latest images, from the CD/DVD of the New Album 'Everything Changes'  ;) x

(Which will be available Worldwide 2013)
One of the latest images, from the CD/DVD of the New Album 'Everything Changes' ;) x
(Which will be available Worldwide 2013)
Here’s a look back at our previous thoughts on Julian Lennon and Aerosmith. 
AEROSMITH – HONKIN’ ON BOBO (2004): Horribly titled, but quite good. Honkin’ on Bobo was largely made up of rock versions of blues tunes, it was recorded in live sessions with all five members in the room at once, and it saw the return of producer Jack Douglas. More than that, though, it saw the return of the classic Aerosmith sound. The arrangements, while still often over the top, were stripped down from the bombast of their last few records, and it really had the feel of old-school Aerosmith.
JULIAN LENNON – EVERYTHING CHANGES (2011): More than anything he’s ever done, this album confronts his father, and his father’s legacy — both musically and personally. In keeping with such an interior concept, the songs are quietly determined, rarely loud. No surprise, really, to find out the album was principally recorded in a home studio. That delicate fragility, when it gives way at all, only rises to a kind of broken-hearted certitude– as on “Lookin 4 Luv,” a lead single that sounds like a mash up between John Lennon’s anguished cries in “Help” and the smooth orchestral power pop of the Electric Light Orchestra.
SOMETHING ELSE! FEATURED ARTIST: AEROSMITH: As Steven Tyler confirmed rumors that there will be a new Aerosmith album released this spring, we took a moment to reevaluate things. Here are a group lesser-known deep cuts from this cool-rocking band, most (but not all!) of which come from their creative peak in the 1970s. Well, and one minor hit that still holds rather fond memories.

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