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September 9, 1993 Abbey Road Studios sponsored a press launch of the Red and Blue cds.George Harrison made a surprise appearance during the event.
George Harrison appearance at Abbey Road 1993
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January 22, 2014

On September 9, 1993 Abbey Road Studios hosted the press launch of the Red and Blue CD Albums.
George Martin was the master of ceremony and George Harrison made a surprise appearance.






9 September 1993 Both Georges, Martin & Harrison take part in a press conference to launch the Beatles’ “Red” & “Blue” albums on compact discs. Photo Credits; Brian Rasic
“Hello everybody & thank you so much for coming, it’s nice to see all & see you’re still interested in the Fab Four. I’ve brought you some incense.  Lest we forget, all you need is love” - George, statement at the press launch (video)

George thanks everyone for still being interested in the Fab Four, then says ‘I’ve brought you some incense’, he sticks the incense into the corner of the table saying ‘Lest we forget, all you need is love.’ and then does the peace sign.

George Harrison and George Martin, 1993

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