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Beatles Capitol Records albums book now available digitally
Bruce Spizer's superb Beatles Capitol Records albums book now out digitally
Steve Marinucci
Beatles Examiner
March 23, 2016

Author Bruce Spizer announced today his book “The Beatles Story On Capitol Records, Volume 2: The Albums,” long out of print, is now available for immediate digital download through his website. He says the revised and expanded digital version has over 550 pages and additional information and tons of new images. The book contains the most complete history of the Fab Four's Capitol Records' albums “Meet The Beatles!” up through Magical Mystery Tour and why the Capitol albums in America were quite a bit different than those issued by the Parlophone Records label in the UK.

Bruce Spizer's Capitol Records books are now available digitally.

Spizer says the the two chapters covering the “Butcher Cover” and the trunk cover pictures that appear on the group's “Yesterday and Today” album pull aside 99% of the mystery behind them. He traces how the covers came about and the books show photographer Bob Whitaker at work during the two photo sessions. The books features all of the significant pictures from the Butcher session plus images from the “Yesterday and Today” photo session at Brian Epstein’s office for the trunk photo, the cover that replaced the Butcher after the uproar that the earlier cover caused. The digital book also contains rarely seen original art work from several albums, including an alternate design for “Beatles '65” and and uncropped picture that was used for the cover of “Beatles VI.”


The first volume, covering the Beatles' Capitol Record singles, is also available digitally. The cost of each Capitol digital book is $50, or a bundle price of $80 for both volumes. Both out or print books have been going for much higher prices in their bound versions on eBay and Amazon. Spizer's book on Vee Jay Records has also been available digitally since 2013.


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