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His favourite part of touring



You Gave Me The Answer - Debbie 

from the US Asks…

You Gave Me The Answer - Debbie from the US Asks…
Around this time of year we usually find ourselves in the middle of making a series of 
announcements about Paul’s touring plans. This year is no different and he has already 
confirmed dates in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Czech 
Republic, The Netherlands and Belgium. Phew. Eight different countries… and we’re 
not even in April yet!
We’ve been lucky enough to watch Paul play from the side of the stage in a few countries, 
including to 50,000 fans in Tokyo. Having witnessed something like that, you can see 
exactly why Paul loves playing live. We’re always happy when we can manage to gather 
together a few friends for a party. Now, imagine being able to gather together 50,000 
friends for a party and for them to want to sing along to your songs. And then to do that 
several nights in a row. Wow!
With the first dates of the new ‘One On One’ tour only a few weeks away now, Debbie 
from the US sent in the perfect question for this month’s ‘You Gave Me The Answer’: 
"What is your favourite part of touring?"
We spoke with Paul as he was starting rehearsals for his new tour. He responded,
“Thank you for your question, Debbie. The things I like about touring are firstly, coming 
into contact with our audience, which often seems like a family reunion. Secondly, just 
getting the chance to fire up our instruments and play them!”
Paul’s instruments are being “fired up” as we write, and everyone on the crew is super 
excited about getting back out therefor a new year of one on ones!
Will you be seeing Paul on any of his tour dates this year? Let us know in the comments 


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