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Rare color photos of Fab Four up for sale
SC: Rare color photos of Fab Four up for sale
Chuck Bennett
The Detroit News
March 3, 2016

Paul McCartney performs “Yesterday” on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
(Photo: Howard Grafton / Robert Kidd Gallery)

Rare color photos of Fab Four up for sale

On Aug. 14, 1965, the Beatles made their fourth and final appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” There were several authorized photographers on set shooting black-and-white film, but only one with a color camera, a young man named Howard Grafton. He took six photos — three of the actual television performance, two of the rehearsal, and one of Paul McCartney performing “Yesterday,” for the very first time on television by himself. Well, Gerard Marti and Jennifer Vinklarek, who own the Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, recently acquired the exclusive rights to these photographs from the late Grafton’s estate.

There is a limited edition of 25 sets (six images per set), printed on aluminum, signed and numbered. “We have a lot of celebrity-themed art, but there seems to be extra excitement surrounding these items,” says Marti, who urges any interested parties to act quickly.

The sets sell for $4,000 each and several, says Marti, have already been sold, including one set to Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, and another to documentary filmmaker Andrew Solt, who owns the rights to The Ed Sullivan Show library. For information, visit

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This is the only set of color photographs taken during the fourth and final appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in August 14 1965, a day before the Shea Stadium Concert, which kicked off their North American Tour, with a sold out attendance for an outdoor venue. All other photographers authorized on the set used only black & white film.

Paul McCartney First Solo. The is only six pictures of the Beatles. Three pictures of the actual performance that was aired, but also two shots of the rehearsals, and one picture of Paul alone performing “Yesterday” for the very first time on television by himself, without the other Beatles.

Paul First Appears with Guitar. This is the very first time these photos are displayed in this form and medium and made available to the public for sale. Of course, a couple of these shots have been seen in the press since 1964, but this is the first time that the entire set of the six iconic pictures are made available as set of six, all signed and numbered . Only 25 sets are available world wide .

John and George in a Different Light. This set of six images is available in a limited edition of 25 sets printed on aluminum, then signed and numbered . It is only available from the Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmimgham, MI .

John Lennon with The Beatles. The Beatles performed six songs on this Ed Sullivan appearance, “I feel fine”, “I’m Down”, “Act Naturally”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Yesterday”,and “Help“(John forgot some of the lyric to “Help”. The broadcast received a 60% share of the night time audience .

The Beatles Ed Sullivan Captured in Color

The Beatles rare color photos

Gerard Marti of Robert Kidd Gallery talks about the rare color photos of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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