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Video: Skechers previews Ringo Starr ad campaign
First look: Skechers Shoes previews Ringo Starr ad campaign with video interview
Steve Marinucci
Beatles Examiner
February 5, 2015

Ringo Starr is taking on a new role as a spokesman for Skechers Relaxed Fit footwear this spring and the company released a behind-the-scenes video with Ringo talking about the new campaign, his upcoming tour and his new album to Beatles Examiner on Feb. 5. The video also includes him showing his skills on the drums. You can see the video here.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Ringo Starr talks about being a spokesman for Skechers, his new album and his upcoming All-Starr Band tour.
Skechers Inc./YouTube

“I’m still a working musician, I’m still on tour, I’ve done commercials,” Starr said. “I saw lots of ads for Skechers that were really bright, young and fresh. I’ve always enjoyed those commercials, and now I’m enjoying the shoes! I love to be relaxed and I’m wearing the shoes because they’re comfortable.” The company says the print, broadcast and digital campaign will highlight Starr’s personality and drum prowess.

In the video, he talked about the tour that begins this month with the All-Starr Band. “I start the 11th of February, and we do America and South America. And then America. It's in three parts,” he said. “We all love the playing. But you have to get on the plane. You have to get on the bus. You have to get in the car. Whatever you get to get to the gig and then it's worth it,” he said. The All-Starr Band will play February and March across the U.S. and Latin America, including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

He also talked about his new album, “Postcards From Paradise,” which will be released March 31 and he said he'd been working on all last year. “I do it at home. I do basic tracks and then I invite writers to come and join me and we write songs. From Van Dyke Parks to Richard Marks,” he said. “I just have fun. I love hanging out with musicians. We have the excuse that we're writing a song and then we play.”

“We are incredibly excited to be working with such an amazing world-renowned artist as Ringo Starr,” Skechers president Michael Greenberg in announcing the partnership. The company says the global campaign for their Relaxed Fit shoes with Ringo will continue across all media platforms through 2016.

Ringo Starr models a pair of Skechers shoes.
Skechers Inc. -- used by permission.

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