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Paul McCartney hits Billboard Hot 100 with Kanye Rihanna collaboration
Paul McCartney in Top 20 of "Billboard" Hot 100 Thanks to Collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West
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4 February 2015

Paul McCartney is enjoying a return to the upper reaches of Billboard Hot 100 thanks to “FourFiveSeconds,” his new collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West.  The song has jumped from #54 to #15 on the tally, making it the 72-year-old Beatles legend’s highest-charting hit in 28 years.

The last time McCartney had a tune that high on the Hot 100 was back in 1986, when Kanye was eight years old and Rihanna was two years away from being born.

The song, “Spies Like Us,” from the movie of the same name, was Sir Paul’s last solo top 10 hit in the U.S.  There’s a good chance McCartney will be back in the top 10 soon with “FourFiveSeconds,” since the song likely will climb even higher on the chart after he, Rihanna and Kanye perform it on the Grammy Awards this Sunday night.

In addition, as Yahoo! notes, this is McCartney’s second top 40 hit of the year, following his previous collaboration with West in January on the song “Only One.”  The last time the former Beatle had two top 40 hits in a single year was, again, 1986.

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Music: Paul both sang and played guitar for his part of the video

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