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Video: Behind-the-scenes with Ringo Starr for his Skechers campaign

Go Behind-the-Scenes With Ringo Starr for His Skechers Campaign
Amy Sciarretto
Fri, 13 Feb 2015

Ringo x Skechers! He remains eternally young.

Iconic recording artist Ringo Starr is the new face of Skechers Relaxed Fit and the footwear brand has released a behind-the-scenes preview of the campaign.

Starr commented on his unexpected gig as a Skechers footwear model, saying, "I'm still a working musician, I'm still on tour, I've done commercials. I saw lots of ads for Skechers that were really bright, young and fresh. I've always enjoyed those commercials, and now I'm enjoying the shoes! I love to be relaxed and I'm wearing the shoes because they're comfortable."

Peace and love, peace and love. He's a sensibly shoed drummer!

Check out this footage! Ringo rules.

Do you wear Skechers? 

—Amy Sciarretto

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