lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

An Announcement from Steven Tyler for The Bayonets‏

Brian Ray Newsletter

Hello to my friends all over this fine planet~

On the heels of our 2 high flying singles, our next song is being prepared for release as I write to you today from Warsaw, Poland. Meanwhile,
on the other side of the globe, our good friend and erstwhile Bayonet,
Steven Tyler has something to tell you regarding our July 4th release.

That's right, "Vagabond Soul" is being released on the Fourth of July just for you, the fans.

It features some killer harmony vocals by Steven "The Demon of Screamin'" Tyler with a sweet, sexy harmonica solo to boot!
We were joined by the Tupelo Horns in a session which really rounded out our new recording with Adam MacDougall on keys, Davey Faragher on bass and Lucrecia Lopez Sańz, Oliver and I. It's a song who's lyric talks about the passionate journey on the long, sometimes lonely road of this life we chose.

It's a rockin' soul ballad meant for you all in appreciation of all of your support, here on the world wide web and at Little Steven's Underground Garage and affiliates worldwide & Q104, KLOS, Big105.9 and other stations across the US.

Here's a word from my co-conspirator, Oliver Leiber:

As the infinitely less social-media- present/connected/savvy half of The Bayonets, I have not been in touch with all of you dedicated folks who have really put your time and heart into helping Brian and I spread the word. So I would like take this opportunity to thank ALL of you for supporting The Bayonets over these past months.

I am truly grateful for all of your efforts to help us; your tweets, shares, blogs, reviews and yes, creative videos have all made the difference. I am at once delighted and humbled by your enthusiasm and efforts!
You have been wonderful to us.

Thank You so much!


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Thanks and rock onwards,

~Brian Ray

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