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George Harrison and Hamilton Island

George Harrison and Hamilton Island
by beatlesblogger
May 9, 2013 

Apologies for the long delay in posting anything on Beatlesblogger but I'm on vacation.
As it happens I'm on a resort island off the coast of Australia - and funnily enough thereis actually a Beatles connection to this place.
I'm sitting on beautiful Catseye Beach on Hamilton Island off the Queensland coast and it occurs to me (dredged from somewhere in deep the back of my mind) that George andOlivia Harrison once had a luxury holiday home on this very island....and here it is:
Harrison House 1
Harrison House 2
A quick search on Google confirmed that vague memory and led me to this comprehensive article in Architectural Digest outlining the full story of how George ended up owning a little piece of Australia. The article is penned by writer and friend Paul Theroux - who contributed the Introduction to the book "Living in the Material World", and whose work also appears in the very limited (and expensive) Genesis Publications anniversary book about the "Concert for George".  George and Olivia2
The Harrison home was sold in 2008, apparently for $8 million - setting a new sales record for the island at that time. I just wish George was still around to enjoy this very beautiful part of the world.... 
You can see a Google Map satellite image of the house  here.

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