sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011


ROLLING STONE Magazine Offers Up Excellent Beatles’ ULTIMATE ALBUM BY ALBUM Guide Special

ROLLING STONE Magazine deserves a big round of applause for offering up what has to be one of the nicest specials in some time. The Beatles’ ULTIMATE ALBUM BY ALBUM GUIDE is really a beautiful soft-cover book about every album issued by the legendary supergroup, with great song by reviews and commentary. Printed on quality paper, there’s some great historic photos of the band as their music evolved through their history as well. What a treasure this special edition of ROLLING STONE is.
You’ll certainly want to add this wonderful tribute to The Beatles to your library. It’s certainly more than worthy to add to any well stock library of music books and ranks as a very nice Beatles collectible to boot. ROLLING STONE offered up a great product here.

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