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PAUL McCARTNEY IN SAN DIEGO : Petco Park , September 28 2014
Paul McCartney to rock San Diego at Petco Park
First public concert here in 38 years
By : City News Service , Rachel Bianco
Posted : Sep 28, 2014

SAN DIEGO - Former Beatle Paul McCartney is still going strong, and will bring his concert tour to Petco Park Sunday night for his first public appearance in San Diego in 38 years.

Sir Paul -- who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth -- last played here in 1976 at what was then known as the San Diego Sports Arena. He played a private show in Rancho Santa Fe in 2003.

McCartney and his band have been playing Beatles staples during their tour, with shows lasting close to three hours.

Even though the gates to the park did not open until 6 p.m., thousands of fans arrived early to tailgate, buy souvenirs or snap a photo under the giant banner of McCartney now hanging from the ballpark.

The music legend brings different memories for so many. Patti and Erin Engelhorn have found a way to bond over the Beatles. Patti Engel horn was at the Fab Four's final concert. She was 13 at the time.

"My ticket was so expensive. I actually had to go to the bank and take out money. It was $6 and 50 cents," said Engelhorn.

Her daughter Erin just started learning about the Beatles in college.

"We found that we had this bond of loving them and got to go see Paul together," she said.

Their passion for McCartney recently took them to England.

"I'm afraid for Paul to hear this. I went to four or five of his homes," laughed Patti Engelhorn.

Debbie Russell made a sign to let the rock icon know she has been counting the days for his return to San Diego.

"13,983 days ago, Paul McCartney was last in San Diego," said Russell.

Roughly 42,000 people are expected to see the concert. Pat and John Doran are here from Chicago. They have seats in the front row.

"Obviously, growing up with him 10 years old, listening to him in the backyard on my transistor radio … it's just amazing to come see him in person," said John Doran.

10News ran into one woman who is such a dedicated fan that she says she changed her first name to McCartney. She told the artist when she saw him in concert years ago.

"Paul said, 'You changed it huh?' And he said, 'Excellent, just like Elton,'" said "McCartney" Giannoni.
McCartney thrills sold-out crowd at Petco Park

Sept 29 2014

Rock legend Paul McCartney took the stage at Petco Park before a sold-out crowd Sunday night, an event some of his fans had been waiting all their life to experience.

San Diego 6 reporter Carlos Delgado talked to some of them for the story above.

September 23 2014

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September 28 2014

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