martes, 29 de julio de 2014

One Beatle and Two PondHawks
One Beatle and Two PondHawks
July 28 2014

Jorie Gracen and Mario Novelli (The PondHawks mugged for photos with ex-Beatles drummer Ringo Starr at a private VIP party for his art exhibit in Chicago. It was quite a thrill. Ringo was friendly and welcomed the two PondHawks... he even played a game with Mario who put his hands out and Ringo pushed them down... Mario put them back out and Ringo pushed them down again, laughing all the time... As you see Mario won that round...

Jorie and Mario with Ringo Starr in Chicago

The PondHawks are a Chicago Indie rock band that plays original music influenced by The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Wings, ELO...
Members : Mario Novelli, Jorie Gracen, and The PondHawks band
The PondHawks play original music that they write and record.

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