lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Beatlemania at eCreamery!

July 13 2014
Paul McCartney & Warren Buffett at eCreamery 
Where do Warren and Sir Paul like to hang out when in Omaha? At eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato, of course!
Our award winning Vanilla Bean for Sir Paul and a Root Beer Float for Mr. Buffett!

July 14 2014
Beatlemania Flavors are here! All Today's Flavors are in tribute to Warren Buffett & Paul McCartney's visit to eCreamery.
Stop in & try: Lucy in the Pie, Let It Be Banana, Praline Lane, Mocha My Dear, Strawberry Fields Forever and 10 more!

July 14 2014
You never know who you're going to spot in Dundee!
Former UNO professor and Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett stopped by eCreamery with none other than Sir Paul McCartney!
The Beatles' flavor of choice? Vanilla.
Here's a video of UNO professor Dr. Jeff French speaking with the megastar before he headed out to explore Dundee.

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