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Macca uses first guitar in video

Macca uses first guitar in video
Belfast Telegraph
15 JULY 2014

Sir Paul McCartney has brought his first-ever guitar out of retirement for the video for his new single, Early Days.

Macca can be seen in the video playing the Zenith Model 17 acoustic guitar, which is 58 years old and was the first guitar he ever owned.

According to the Mail Online, the instrument he plays in the video was worth just £15 when he chose it, when he traded in a trumpet his dad gave him for his 14th birthday in 1956.

Previously, Macca had said of the trumpet: "I used to play it a little bit. That was the hero instrument then, but it became clear to me fairly quickly that you couldn't sing with a trumpet stuck in your mouth."

He also said of his initial difficulties playing the guitar: "I didn't realise it was because I was left-handed. It wasn't until I saw a picture of Slim Whitman, who was also left-handed, and I saw that I had the guitar the wrong way round."

The Zenith was used by Paul on the Beatles' first trip to Hamburg, and he composed his first song on it, I Lost My Little Girl.

The guitar isn't the only cameo in the Early Days video - it also includes a brief appearance from Johnny Depp, disguised as a musician.

Sir Paul McCartney's first-ever guitar makes an appearance in the Early Days video

The Quarry Men/ Paul McCartney: An Antoria acoustic guitar used by The Quarry Men, 1950s,

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