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Time Takes Time Blu-spec CD2

Time Takes Time Blu-spec CD2
Posted by Roger Stormo
Tuesday, November 08, 2016

New edition "Time Takes Time" CD (Japan)

26. October 2016 saw the release of Ringo Starr's 1992 album "Time Takes Time" on a Blu-spec CD2 in Japan. As was the case with the original Japan release of the album, it includes the bonus track "Don't Be Cruel", otherwise only available on a German 1992 CD-single, "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go". A Sony Music release, the album is also available on a yellow vinyl limited edition (1500 copies). The releases were available to buy at Ringo's recent concerts in Japan.

Limited edition yellow vinyl release.

The Blu-spec CD format is a Red Book Compact Disc manufactured by a proprietary process introduced by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 2008. Instead of a traditional infra-red laser, a blue laser is used for recording the pits on the CD master that is needed for disc replication. The blue laser purportedly creates more precise pits, which Sony claims reduces distortion in the optical read-out process. The "Blu-spec CD2" or BSCD2 is a 2012 progression of the Blu-spec CD format which employs a more precise BD cutting machine, a master disc that is made from the same smooth material as silicon wafers for chip manufacture, and a different recording layer material for the master disc. Sony refers to this process as "Phase Transition Mastering".  A Blu-spec CD and a Blu-spec CD2 disc can be played on all CD players and does not require a blue laser to be read.

Time Takes Time [Import]

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