viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

LIVE : Paul McCartney in SummerFest, Milwaukee (July 8 2016)

Milwaukee July 8, 2016

@Summerfest Then and now- Been fortunate to see @PaulMcCartney all four (now five) times in MKE since I was born!

So, look who's on stage for a sound check right now...Sir Paul in Milwaukee

"I'm first here. Usually the band is here. I had a police escort"
-Sir Paul

Going deep. Sir Paul starts sound check with Ray Sharpe's Linda Lu

Second Sir Paul sound check song is Honey Don't.

A Paul McCartney sound check is an awesome concert. Empty seats/huge sound/great treat

Very very cool sound check version of Magical Mystery Tour.

Wow. Sir Paul testing piano and video on Let Em In.

Wish you were here for Sir Paul sound check (but I have to get back in the house later tonight)

Sir Paul playing Fats Domino & Abe Laboriel Jr playing great at Milwaukee sound check.

There's video of Buddy Holly as Sir Paul sound checks Its So Easy. Must mean you'll hear it later.

Sir Paul uses ukulele and sound check crowd applauds. He does a ventriloquist act with the "popular" instrument. I laughed. Genuinely.

Now Sir Paul incorporates "Milwaukee" into the lyrics of Midnight Special at his sound check.

Sir Paul on synthesizer at sound check."We don't use it in the show. I just like having a go at it"

Here's the hard working roadie backstage area for Sir Paul tonight.

Reliving my childhood in a way that doesn't require diapers!

Great start to Sir Paul at Summerfest in Milwaukee!!

Soft rock????

OK I'm pretty sure Paul made eye contact with me. (, a 14 year old girl at heart)

My first tear of the night. Maybe I'm Amazed. One of the greatest love songs of all time.

Never thought I'd hear The Beatles first song done live. In Spite Of All The Danger

It would be nice if all the people suffering tonight felt this. Let it be.

Here's my review of tonight's Paul McCartney show:
As good as it gets.

Happening now @Summerfest @PaulMcCartney. #SirPaul


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