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Paul McCartney in Liverpool for LIPA graduation (July 25 2016)
Sir Paul McCartney greeted by super fan while in Liverpool for LIPA graduation
25 JUL 2016

Sir Paul McCartney returned to Liverpool for the LIPA graduation ceremonies

Sir Paul McCartney touched down in Liverpool today for the annual LIPA graduation and was met by a diehard fan from 50-years-ago.

The Beatles star took to the stage to congratulate the institute’s new graduates, and one fan travelled from America to catch a glimpse of the LIPA co-founder.

Bonni Granato from Ohio was waiting for Sir Paul outside the ECHO arena, holding a sign which said: “Paul - I touched your boot 50 years ago, can I touch it again?”.

She said: “I have come from Ohio to see Paul come in today. I saw the Beatles in ‘66 and I touched his boot 50 years ago and I want to touch his boot again. Love you, Paul.”

Bonni Granato message for Paul McCartney on his return to Liverpool

The Walton-born musician helped to co-found LIPA in 1996 to forge a new approach to performing arts training.

He also dropped by the institute at the start of May, when he was rumoured to have taught a songwriting class.

Como cada año, #PaulMcCartney acudió a #Liverpool ayer a la fiesta de graduación de los alumnos de #LIPA.


#graduation #ticket

#PaulMcCartney totally slapped my hand! 😳

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