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Video: Ringo's new shoes

Ringo Starr x Skechers: You've Gotta See the Video
Amy Sciarretto
Wed, 15 Apr 2015

Ringo Starr x Skechers: You've Gotta See the Video - He is a spokesman

Ringo Starr is a fashionable dude. The former Beatle is the face of Skechers Relaxed Fit footwear.

A Beatle? Hawking shoes? Yes, yes he is.

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On set at his Skechers Relaxed Fit shoot, Starr commented about his favorite ways to unwind, saying, "I love to be relaxed. I don't know why people think because you're a well-known pop star that we relax differently. We don't. We hang out at home, we have dinner, go to the movies. I like to actually sit on a beach in the sun and listen to the waves. But you can't do that every day can you?"

When you are Ringo Starr, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, all day and every day. Let's hope Ringo is relaxin' in Skechers.

Check out his spot below.

Go out and shop some Skechers x Starr. 

—Amy Sciarretto

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