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OUT THERE IN JAPAN : Budokan, 28 April 2015



'You Gave Me The Answer' – LINE asks…

'You Gave Me The Answer' – LINE asks…

This past week, PaulMcCartney.com has been getting ‘Out There’ with Paul in Tokyo, Japan to help with the launch of a new set of sound stickers on the free call and messaging app LINE. 
As part of the launch, Paul took part in a special LINE Q&A last Thursday. We allowed Japanese fans to send in their questions between his arrival on Monday and Thursday and were really pleased when over 250,000 people participated! 

You can watch a video of Paul answering a fan’s question and playing with the stickers below:

The Q&A is being published on Paul’s Japanese LINE account this week. (We will be publishing the full Q&A in English soon, so remember to keep checking back!)
To celebrate Paul’s very special return to the Budokan today, we have taken a question from the LINE Q&A for this month’s ‘You Gave Me Answer’:
“What was the most memorable thing about playing the Budokan concert [with The Beatles] and why did you decide to return to the venue?”
Paul told us,
"The most memorable thing about the concert was the fans, who were sensational. But what struck us as being just as memorable were the security arrangements that were put in place. The whole front row of the balcony was police, and we saw them all walking in. And as we were going to the show, all the fans were corralled on each street corner and guarded by police. So as we went by they went, ‘Eeeeeeehh!!’ And then there’s nothing for the next block or two. And then ‘Eeeeeeehhh!!’ It was zany because we’d come from England and the US where it had been mayhem. So when I think of the Budokan show I think of the fans first, and then security second.
"Why go back and play there again? Just because it was such a special venue to play and I have a particularly special feeling about it. So when someone said there was a possibility of playing there again I jumped at the chance for old times' sake."

Fans can purchase the stickers worldwide via the in-app Sticker shop HERE and through the LINE store HERE
PS: Don’t forget to check out Paul’s new GACHA range in his LINE PLAY room!


Budokan - April 28, 2015
By Claudia Tapety

Paul McCartney left Budokan

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