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Ringo Starr Talks About The Hurricanes, The Beatles and His New Album

Ringo Starr Didn’t Get Over the Beatles’ Breakup for 20 Years
By Matt Dolloff
April 13, 2015

Ringo Starr admitted in a new interview that he didn’t get over the 1970 breakup of The Beatles for two decades. Who could blame him? They were, and still are, the most beloved band of all time.
Ringo laments the lost glory days of the Fab Four on his new album Postcards From Paradise, particularly with the lyric “I’m looking forward / Not looking back,” which he discussed recently in an interview with Cha-chi on Breakfast with the Beatles.
Talking to The Times in London, Ringo added: “We can’t not have memories of the past, but we don’t have to live them.”
Even though Ringo has since enjoyed a long and successful solo career, with little to no help from his friends in the Beatles, he still had plenty of years – up to two decades – where he turned to alcohol in an attempt to make the pain of the breakup go away.
“I was mad for 20 years,” Ringo said, presumably meaning he went crazy. “I had breaks in between of not being.”
He admitted even some of his most successful years as a solo artist are blurs to him: “Some of those years are absolutely gone.”
Despite Ringo’s heartbreaking account of the years following the Beatles’ breakup, he is still standing and continues to put out strong solo material. It’s just fortunate that he never went too far with his problems – he entered rehab in 1988, which essentially saved his life.
In retrospect, it’s not surprising that the Beatles member who had arguably the smallest role in the breakup would be so upset after the group disbanded. But he has emerged from his darkness a stronger person, and he’s still here to deliver his musical gifts to the world.

(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Ringo Starr Talks About The Hurricanes, The Beatles and “Postcards From Paradise” With Cha-Chi Loprete
April 5, 2015

Former Beatle Ringo Starr joined Cha-Chi Loprete on Breakfast With The Beatles this morning to talk about his new album, Postcards From Paradise.
After playing “You Bring The Party Down” on this morning’s program, Cha-Chi felt compelled to ask Ringo who exactly is bringing the party down in the song.
Ringo explained what he meant in the song by saying,
“It’s actually a general expression. We [Ringo and songwriter Steve Lukather] were just talking in general about how many people we still bump into that live in that other life, you know the ‘I’m gonna get it together next week, man’, and they never do, and I was one of them for many years and now I’m getting it together, but that’s what the whole song is about.”
But Ringo isn’t just talking about his former self in the song. He’s also talking about the musicians he has met over the years.
“And a lot of people, because we’re musicians, we bump into used to be in bands. ‘We’re gonna put the band back together man, yeah!’ and they never do that either, so it’s a generalization of people that we’d love would get well and put the band together, but I’m afraid no matter what we say, they’re all rocking out there in that other life we’ve all led.”
Next, Ringo talks about his departure from The Hurricanes into The Beatles, and how people actually questioned his decision at the time.
While hearing Ringo talk about his early days with The Beatles never gets old, our favorite part of the interview is when Cha-Chi corrects Ringo on his own record. Cha-Chi found 37 Beatles references on Postcards From Paradise, while Ringo claims to have only written in 28!
Hear how the references came about and enjoy the rest of Ringo’s interview with Cha-Chi below.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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