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New Budget George Martin Collection
New Budget George Martin Collection
by beatlesblogger
Posted on November 29, 2014

Wog Blog is reporting a new budget label release collecting some of Beatle producer George Martin’s output over his many years in the recording industry.

It is a double CD set and there are two Beatle songs included (‘Love Me Do’ and ‘P.S. I Love You’) plus thirty others by a wide range of artists. It’s a pretty good overview of his work:


Every track listed (except the two Beatle tunes) is also available on the 2001, six CD set Produced by George Martin. That box set contains 150 titles, but if you can’t find it (or can’t afford it!), this new release from Not Now Music looks like a bargain at just £5.99.

George Martin and The Beatles

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Love Me Do - The Beatles
2. Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O - The Vipers
3. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey - Freddy Randall & His Band
4. Robin Hood - Dick James
5. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (feat. Cleo Laine) - Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra
6. Be My Girl - Jim Dale
7. Theme From "Limelight" - Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra
8. Portrait Of My Love - Matt Monro
9. Time Beat - Ray Cathode
10. Barwick Green (Archers Theme) - Sidney Torch & His Orchestra
11. You're Driving Me Crazy - The Temperance Seven
12. Saturday Jump - Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band
13. Earth Angel - The Southlanders
14. The Dr. Kildare Theme - Johnny Spence & His Orchestra
15. Murder She Said (Theme From Film) - Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra
16. Crazy Rhythm - Max Geldray With Wally Stott & His Orchestra

Disc: 2
1. P.S. I Love You - The Beatles
2. My Kind Of Girl - Matt Monro
3. Pickin' A Chicken - Eve Boswell
4. No Other Baby - The Vipers
5. Morse Code Melody - The Alberts
6. Arriverderci Darling - Edna Savage
7. The White Suit Samba - Jack Parnell & His Rhythm
8. Hi-Flutin' Boogie - John Scott
9. High Society - Graeme Bell & His Australian Jazz Band
10. Experiments With Mice - Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra
11. Little Red Monkey - Joy Nichols, Jimmy Edwards & Dick Bentley
12. Hayfoot, Strawfoot - Kenny Baker Quartet
13. No One Will Ever Know - Matt Monro
14. Romanza - Roberto Inglez & His Orchestra
15. Skiffling Strings - Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra
16. Coronation Scot - Sidney Torch & Queen's Hall Light Orchestra

George Martin

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