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Beatles Family Semi-Reunion as Stella McCartney Tribute Brings Paul, Yoko, and George Harrison’s Son Dhani Performs

Beatles Family Semi-Reunion as Stella McCartney Tribute Brings Paul, Yoko, and George Harrison’s Son Dhani Performs
by Roger Friedman
November 14, 2014

It was a wild New York night at Alice Tully Hall for Lincoln Center’s second annual Corporate Fund gala: designer Stella McCartney was honored with a Q&A by Jerry Seinfeld that she never could have expected, followed by a swanky dinner with vegetarian menu and lots and lots of stars. It was also a weirdly warm Beatles semi-reunion that had Yoko Ono getting hugs and kisses from Paul and Nancy McCartney, Olivia Harrison and her son Dhani, as well as Stella.

And then a surprise of Dhani Harrison, son of George and Olivia, performing “Love of My Life,” an Everly Brothers song (Stella’s favorite) as well as rocking “Live and Let Die” with his band, for an audience that included a five months pregnant Liv Tyler, plus Woody Harrelson, Lorne Michaels, Seth Meyers, a very pregnant Alicia Keys, actor Luke Evans, famed artist Jeff Koons, as well as Paul’s in-laws John and Jodie Eastman, rock jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, Helena Christensen, and a hilarious Chelsea Handler, who emceed the evening until she had to leave to take a plane to  Australia.

Handler exited the show as irreverently as she could by making a joke about Paul McCartney’s infamously unpopular second wife: “I would say a break a leg but I don’t want to insult Heather Mills.”

Legendary (and rocking, believe me) Harpers Bazaar editor in chief Glenda Bailey and Hearst president Steve Swartz (who’s president of the Fund)  put together this amazing group of people.

Meantime, the sublimely funny  Jerry Seinfeld– assigned to interview Stella on stage for about a half hour– brought the silly.  Seinfeld asked Stella a series of non sequitur questions including “What do you wear when you feel bad?” and “Why do most  people look disgusting?” McCartney was up to the challenge though and gave him as good as he got. When Jerry asked her “Why do people come to my shows at Caesar’s Palace wearing tank tops, flip flops and shorts?” Stella volleyed back: “Because they’re your shows!”

Finally Jerry observed that Stella does not use leather or fur in her clothing. He said. “I eat only leather and fur.”

Video tributes were shown from Quincy Jones, Bono, Gwen Stefani, Chrissie Hynde, Kate Winslet–and of all people a bright and brisk sounding 90 year old Doris Day who praised Stella for her work in animal rights. That was quite a coup!

Dhani Harrison summed up the tone for the whole night. On stage he said he there “to honor my big sister.” Afterwards he told, “Stella has looked out for me my whole life.” You know, just the idea that Paul McCartney’s daughter has done that for George Harrison’s son– the two Beatles met when they were 15, in 1957–makes you believe in the magic of the Beatles. Aw shucks!

The evening, which looks like it will become an annual tradition, was put together by Harper’s Bazaar rocking editor in chief Glenda Bailey and Hearst mags’ Steve Swartz. I think even they were surprised how well it worked out!

Stella McCartney gets the star tribute treatment
By Mara Siegler
November 14, 2014

Chelsea Handler drew gasps and giggles while honoring her friend Stella McCartney during a tribute to the designer. The comic kicked off the event in front of guests including McCartney’s father, legendary Beatle Paul, joking of his ex-wife, “I would say break a leg, but I don’t want to insult Heather Mills.”
Handler got in other zingers at Thursday’s gala at Lincoln Center, joking about the past debate over diversity in the “SNL” cast, “I noticed there are a lot of white people here, so thank you for casting this, Lorne Michaels,” who was in the crowd.
“[Stella’s] collections have always spoken to me, probably because we come from such similar backgrounds,” Handler continued. “Her father is one of the greatest musicians of all time, who influenced generations, and my father spent a night in prison for shoplifting an 8-track of ‘Yellow Submarine.’”
Jerry Seinfeld conducted an interview with Stella, asking awkward questions like, “Why do most people look disgusting?” and, “Don’t you feel like shorts is a culture epidemic of disgusting-ness? There’s no barbecue, there’s no volleyball, there’s no sand. Put some pants on,” and, “What do we think of that gigantic building on Park Avenue? Should we like it, should we not like it?”
Paul, who presented the award to Stella, told us, “I’m more proud than you could ever imagine. A trillion, a trillion times proud, times a trillion. You know, to me she was once just a tiny little baby, and I’m here now in New York, and she’s a celebrated lady who does so much for women, the planet, children and me.”
The ceremony was followed by a dinner with guests including Liv Tyler, Glenda Bailey, Woody Harrelson, Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. Yoko Ono received a hug and kiss from both Paul, who was with wife Nancy Shevell, and Stella. The event benefited the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund.
Ono said, “I’ve known Stella from when she was a little girl. She was a tomboy, and you knew she was gonna be something, and now she is.”

Stella McCartney gets the star tribute treatment
Stella McCartney and Jerry Seinfeld
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


Last night, guests gathered at Lincoln Center to honor Stella McCartney with the Women's Leadership Award. The event featured host Chelsea Handler as well as Jerry Seinfeld and Sir Paul McCartney who honored Stella by presenting her with the prestigious award. In addition, guests enjoyed a musical performance by Dhani Harrison. Other notables included Liv Tyler, Drew Barrymore, Kate Upton, and Woody Harrelson. For a look inside this star-studded evening at Lincoln Center, be sure to check out our slideshow.Who was there: Guests included Stella McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, Glenda Bailey, Sir Paul McCartney, Drew Barrymore, Alasdhair Willis, Jeff Koons, Dhani Harrison, Justine Koons, Liv Tyler, Kate Upton, Steven Swartz, Carolyn Murphy, Cindy Sherman, Jessica Seinfeld, Katherine Farley, Natalia Vodianova, Marigay McKee, Chelsea Handler, Gucci Westman, Woody Harrelson, Yoko Ono, Julie Gilhart, and Justin Verlander.

Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Woody Harrelson
[Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Woody Harrelson by Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com via @stellamccartney]

Jerry Seinfeld, Stella McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney
[Jerry Seinfeld, Stella McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney via @stellamccartney]

Stella McCartney
[Stella McCartney by Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com via @stellamccartney]

Carolyn Murphy
[Carolyn Murphy]

Drew Barrymore
[Drew Barrymore]
[Photos via via @harpersbazaarus]

Yoko Ono

Dhani Harrison performance
Dhani Harrison performed "Live and Let Die" after Sir Paul McCartney presented his daughter with her award. One guest alled the performance "Goose bump city" on Instagram.
[Photo via @barnabydraper]

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