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McCartney's next archive releases
McCartney's next archive releases
Posted by Roger Stormo
Monday, October 27, 2014

According to someone who has received an advance copy of the "Venus and Mars" and "Speed of Sound" sets, the card in the package announcing the next releases are saying that these will be "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace".
This is a deviation from the 2011 "insiders information" list, which we also posted in this blog back then. Apart from "Wings Over America" being released before schedule, this is the first major deviation.
It seems fitting to release "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" simultaneously, since a lot of the tracks on "Pipes of Peace" were leftovers from the excellent "Tug of War" album recording sessions. Of course, there's no indication as to when these new releases will be scheduled.

Advertising poster for "Tug of war", 1982.

Still, those of us who wanted the full Wings ouvre to be next in line, with the promised "Wild Life", "Red Rose Speedway", "London Town" and "Back To The Egg", alongside a proposed Wings live CD and DVD from 1979 are disappointed.

Pipes of Peace promotional photo, 1983.

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